Dr. Neubauer Gangster

Dr. Neubauer Gangster Pips
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Speed 5.3
Spin 4.8
Control 8.0
Deception 8.0
Reversal 6.0
Weight (not rated)
Sponge Hardness (not rated)
Consistency (not rated)
Durability (not rated)
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 52
Spin 85
Control 87
Type Long pips
The new symbiosis of disruptive effect and control

GANGSTER is a new long pimple rubber that provides added value in a variety of fields.
GANGSTER was developed 100% for use with the new plastic ball.
The rubber enables to produce an effective blocking game close to the table, both while blocking passively and while chop-blocking.
All standard attacking strokes with long pimples can be performed easily, even for less experienced players.
GANGSTER mostly excels through its great control at all levels, this holds true for service returning, pushing over the table and even blocking against fast topspin shots.
GANGSTER: A highly interesting alternative for all close to the table long pips players!

Reviews (1)

Lousy_Defence  on 11/30/2017

Brand new pips out of June/2017. Played OX (without sponge). Defenitely not made for choppers! But suitable for passive play close to the table. Occasionally, you can smash and counter attack with ease when your opponent returns too short. Blocking close to the table comes along with disturbing effect and should work out best, here the "Gangster" excels. But blocking should be done passively(!) and - IMO only(!) - passively. Apart from that I have NOT been able to chop block (not with any control) against topspin as description of manufacturer tells you. (Perhaps I have deficit in my technique. ^^) Ball should be met frontal most of the time, because then it's quite easy to play. Brushing the ball lacks of control and precision. Conclusion: You can (and perhaps even: should) give this one a try when you are looking for disturbing effects close to the table more than ball placement and chopping. Or referring to the name: you have to play a dirty game, not to play a solid game. ;) Additional note: The rubber sheet (not the sponge) is ultra-thin/sheer. You have to be very careful in gluing it OX to the racket (I was able to do, but it is tricky) and the rubber is crappy to reglue (I wasn't able to) when you unfix it ONCE.

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