Dr. Neubauer Pistol

Dr. Neubauer Pistol Pips
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Speed 7.7
Spin 6.9
Control 8.6
Deception 6.3
Weight 3.4   
Sponge Hardness 4.7   
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Durability 6.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99 / 100
Spin 82 / 100
Control 90 / 100
Type Short pips
There are 2 users using the Dr. Neubauer Pistol.
This huge step in the development of short pimpled rubbers enables you to produce a game with unbelievable dynamics. Thanks to a new production technique, PISTOL is much faster and powerful than traditional short pimpled rubbers, even without the use of speed glue. PISTOL produces extremely fast attacking shots. The rubber is most effective for straight hitting and fast looping. You can reach an enormous amount of speed with a short and fast stroke. Moreover the rubber produces a decisive disturbing effect since the ball is very flat and “falls down” while blocking or hitting. PISTOL also facilitates lifting, it produces enough rotation to attack effectively on chopped balls or counter-attacks in order to prepare the decisive shot. With PISTOL you can hit very hard on chopped balls and even on slow topspins. This short pimpled rubber even enables fast counter-spinning over the table against topspin. Your opponents will have a hard time returning your deadly strokes. Despite its extreme speed PISTOL also offers an astonishing control that provides an optimal feeling at all times for both passive and aggressive strokes. DR NEUBAUER PISTOL: The highly dynamic weapon for unconditional attacking with short pimples, paired with excellent control

Reviews (5)

GSA  on 11/7/2018

I have only good things to say about this rubber. I use it in 1.6 on a j-pen blade which makes it very light to maneuvre. Blocking with Dr. N Pistol is an absolute joy. I'm a relative beginner at table tennis, but I can comfortably return nearly all straight and topspin shots directed at me using this rubber. Chopped balls are trickier and a bit less predictable and generally require more lift than your normal inverted rubber. This rubber is extremely consistent even on the edge of the bat thanks to the very interesting hard, dense sponge and the short, more rigid pips. Thus, placing the ball to your opponent's weak spots is easy. The pip surface is moderately grippy, but to generate maximum spin you have to use a powerful stroke. I would recommend this rubber primarily for dynamic allround play in 1.6 or 2.0 thickness as a lot of this rubber's strength comes from its speed. If you want to go 1.0 or OX I believe there are better defensive alternatives.
rudai  on 7/22/2018

I've used stiga radical and yinhe Uranus poly short pip, so I can only compare with those pips. Physically, this rubber is way softer than those two, both sponge and the pip. Current rating is very misleading. Sponge hardness should be soft, not medium, about 30 - 33 degree. I think because of soft nature of the rubber, its control is very high compare to other two, superb for passive and active blocking. Radical is the hardest one to control, especially when blocking topspin. For speed, I vote for yinhe Uranus poly, no. 2 is Radical and Pistol is the slowest. For disturbing effect, no. 1 is Radical, second is Pistol, the least effect is Uranus Poly. This is the review I can give for now. Next time if I have used Pistol for 6 month, I'll update this review. Update 22/7/2018: Durability of this rubber is poor. After less than 6 months of play, one by one the pips fall out, especially in middle. Not recommended for long time use.
bfreund  on 9/28/2014

Play it in black 2,0 mm. on a Dr. Neubauer Firewall Plus blade (my test blade). It works well on direct hits on spin balls with good efforts and control. Not so spinny as ex. Adidas Blaze Spin. Also super to block on loops. I am now cconfused if I shall play the pistol or the Blaze Spin. Both good but with differents strength.
guusvansoer  on 8/18/2014

Slower than average short pips rubber. It's not produce much spin either. Serve receiving is good because it's have some anti spin effect on it. In general, it is quite difficult to use and need more time to learn his characteristic.
Amilcar  on 7/31/2013

A real surprise !This rubber is simply great.I can not say enough good things about this rubber.Fast & unbelievable straight hitting against spin.Even good for fast carbon blades.

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