Galaxy 955

Galaxy 955 Pips
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User Ratings (15)

Speed 4.6
Spin 4.6
Control 8.7
Deception 8.0
Reversal 7.7
Weight 2.3   
Sponge Hardness 1.5   
Medium soft
Consistency 7.2   
Occasional variations
Durability 7.5   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
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Reviews (6)

955 Yinhe  on 12/10/2011

Of course, the rating of a long pimple is always dependant on the playing style and combined material. This review refers to the OX version tested on Yinhe Schild in combination with T 25. Why I rate the 955 so high is most of all because of it`s versatility. For my style of play the most important stroke is the chop block. from the many pimples I tested only the double fish 1615 exelled at this in terms of possible backspin (and also the d´tecs), but the conrol of the 955 is higher and the balls are easy to keep low. My second important stroke is the empty pushblock, which I need whenever the speed of the incoming attack is to high, or as a variation of the chop-block, the 955 ist by far the best at this, the control is perfect. The third dimension that is important is the counter attack (especially in ox that`s hard to find and without ox chop blocking at the table is not possible against fast top spins like Lo Chune Tsung and Liu song perform it) The only other pimple that is good and even better at this (in OX) is the palio ck 531 a, but the 955 is still very good at it. Quick pushes also work very well. Classic defence is also very safe and with enough wrist it creates quite some backspin. Summary: 1-2. best at chop-blocking 1. at empty blocking 2. best at attacking quite good for classic chopping 1. at control It is medium hard and very insensitive to incoming spin.
metallikviper  on 5/6/2009

This is the first Long Pips I have tried and liked it right away. I have it in OX and want to keep it that way. I have it on the backhand side of the Hao Shuai 1 sided Carbon Blade. On my FH I have the God Favored 729. Flat Hitting: Every now and then I will hit a floater or one with low backspin. Not real comfortable hitting yet. Blocking: blocking against top spin is fairly easy and does get some spin reversal, depending on the racket angle. Floating the ball will give a great wobble/knuckle ball every now and then. Still havn't figured that out yet. Chopping: This is really where this rubber excels at. Depending on my chopping motion you generate some really heavy backspin. Chopping again a heavy or fast topspin is fairly easy and still has decent control. Plan to try the TSP Curl P-1R and the Butterfly Feint Long III, both in OX.
ewing307  on 1/13/2015

Very good control long pips.
picuman  on 4/17/2012

I is soft chop with great rotation and exelent smash ! EXELENT RUBBER
chizeler  on 9/5/2009

This is a very good rubber to do everything and anything with. I use it for mainly chopping where u get very high spin on an ox sheet. Great price to. Only £2

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