Giant Dragon Turbo 612

Giant Dragon Turbo 612 Pips
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 7.8
Spin 4.8
Control 7.6
Deception 7.4
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 5.9   
Consistency 7.0   
Occasional variations
Durability (not rated)
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 4
Spin 6.0 / 4
Control 7.5 / 4
Deception 9.0 / 4
Type Short pips
With Trampoline Tension technology integrated with Giant Dragon traditional short pimples rubber, the pimples are elastic and create an astonishing effect: the short pimples not only deliver more speed in the open game, but the new internal energy of the rubber makes it more dangerous and deadly.

this is listed as short pips, but it definitely plays like medium pips. In all the years I've played with short/medium pips I've never played with a rubber that produces such a strong "sinking effect". It's not easy to attack underspin with, but blocks are devestating as your opponent will probably return the ball in the bottom of the net. Pushes will also give your opponents trouble as they tend to produce "no spin" balls that your opponent will either pop up for an easy kill or loop off the table.

Reviews (6)

Arise  on 7/30/2014

It's closer to LP than SP, the pips are tall and wide. Fast and not easy to control but the deception is high, not good for chop, too fast. It's necessary a little time to master but after that it's a dangerous weapon
timobil  on 3/25/2013

Chop-block,block,punch,flick,forehand and backhand pseudo loop against top- and back-spin; all successful! GP.
pnachtwey  on 1/27/2013

Turbo 612 is definitely not what I expected. I bought a red 1.8mm sheet and mounted it on the BH side of one of my Samsonov Alphas. I have 2 Samsonov Alphas. The other has 802 1.5 mm for comparison. T612 plays like a LP but with a thinner sponge than 1.8mm. I was expecting a relatively fast but not very spinny SP. I play with 802 1.5 and 2mm a lot. T612 is slower than 802 1.5 and about like 802 2mm. I don't see any sinking action with my T612 like I do with my 802. Instead the ball floats a lot because of the spin reversal. Yes, lots of spin reversal that I didn't think was possible with a LP with a 1.8mm let alone a rubber that doesn't claim to be a LP. There isn't as much spin reversal as I get with my Talon 0X. It is possible to hit a little better with T612 than with slick LPs but it still takes practice just like hitting with any other LP. BTW, I have a Firewall Plus with GD Talon 0X so I know what playing with a blocking LP is like. I found that chopping was relatively easy as my T612 was not that fast. However, the T612 was not that grippy either so it was hard to put spin on a dead ball. There are some that compared T612 to medium pips. This may be true with the thicker sponges but I found T612 played more like LPs. I have played with 563 1.5mm and T612 has 563 beat hands down if you want deception and weirdness. I played with T612 for two weeks for about 15 hours. I have gone back to my 802 mostly because I find 802 more predictable and much easier to play with. I agree with the other evaluators that say it would take time to learn how to get the most out of T612. I also wonder how much difference the different sponge thickness make. One other said the ball sinks but I didn't see that effect. No one else mentioned spin reversal which my 1.8mm definitely has.
Anon  on 5/29/2012

This is better than all short, medium or long pimpled rubbers I have tried & there are not many I haven't tried. 612 is a short medium pimpled rubber with wide flexible pimples. It gives strong effects ie a pushed ball is exaggerated float and a harmless looking rolled ball is very flat & a looped ball goes back really flat with interest. Defending is easy, it seems to have an anti feel the way it cancels spin & therefore is good for chop-blocking. It is incredibly good for flicking serves with little variation of shot needed whether its a chop or side spin serve. Takes a little getting used to but boy is it worth it!
destodave  on 5/8/2012

Where do I begin with this rubber. Giant Dragon should classify this rubber as a Medium Pip as it's definitely not short pips. I played with 2.0 sponge and I gotta say this rubber is more disturbing than just about anything I've ever tried. Attacks/blocks cause some serius sinking action. I mean serius sinking action! I was playing a 2000+ chopper and when I attacked his chop with it he tried to chop it back and it didn't even make it to the table top! It went down and hit the back edge of the table. Neither of us could believe how crazy this rubber was! The only problem for me though was I used it on my FH and it was not easy to attack underspin with. The other reviewer is correct in that the ball pretty much has a straight line and can easily go off the table. If you were to use this on your bh for blocking then it would probably be great. Pushes also cause a lot of problem for your opponents as a pushed ball will have no spin and your opponent will either push it or loop it off the table. If you're looking for something that has good deception and you want something to block with then give this a try.

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