GKI Nano Sting

GKI Nano Sting Pips
Approx. $ 11 USD
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 6.0
Spin 3.5
Control 8.8
Deception 9.0
Reversal 7.0
Weight 3.0   
Sponge Hardness 2.5   
Medium soft
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
Sharp Cylindrical Extra Long Pimple Nano Technology Rubber for Maximum Anti Effect .Effective with new V.O.C. Free Glue
NANO Technology - The Science of POWER, FRICTION and FLEXIBILITY

Reviews (2)

ronakvyas86  on 3/24/2017

This is my first long pips. I've moved from spinny shirt pips (802-40) to springy short pips (hexer pips) to spinny and springy medium pips (spinlord keiler) and now to this. I wanted to try (a cheap) long pips and was decided to get a sheet of 755. But, my equipment dealer only had black sheets of 755 and I needed a red one to complement black inverted on my FH. It has very low spin, good reversal and very disturbing to the opponent. Hitting from close to the table is fun and extremely fast (I use it on an OFF+ hinoki carbon cpen). Chopping heavy topspins is not so great (maybe I need to work on that) but chopping is good overall, better than the short and medium pips I played with before. I play close to the table attack style and the rubber is good for this. Very good rubber, very cheap. I got it for 800 INR (about 13 US$). Pretty good it seems
psr1986  on 3/6/2016

can produce those wobbly balls to maximum effect....high control....especially for serve return...banana flips are fast and accurate...I use it on my bh on 729 z1 off blade with Mark v as my fh. Haven' t blocked too much with it but chopping is great. This review could be biased as this is my first LP.

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