Globe 889

Globe 889 Pips
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 8.2
Spin 6.7
Control 8.5
Deception 5.9
Weight 3.3   
Sponge Hardness 7.2   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Short pips

Reviews (3)

McPat715  on 5/10/2017

A great short pips. it make a lot of spin for a pips and it have more control. To be recommended
mrneutron  on 1/3/2017

I've played penhold pips all my life. I've changed to a custom built balsa core thin kevlar medium fast paddle from a custom very fast hard carbon for the older 40 celluloid ball. I've tried 3 rubbers to get a deader, weirder more control game; the 651, Kokutaku 119, and Globe 889 (see those reviews when they are up). I've dedicated myself to a classic Chinese penhold pips, block/forehand attack game with an smooth RPB. Keep this in mind for this review. These are old school Chinese pips, short cylindrical small diameter arranged to line up vertically. The surface is even and textured with crosshatching. The cylindrical shape bends and produces more weirdness than pips with a wide base. It blocks consistently and easy to control ( assuming you can read the speed and spin) as opposed to 651 (see my other review) . The hit is fairly easy to control in as much as pips hitting requires more precision than spinny hitting. The pushes stay low and are quite spinny but that might be more a function of the speed of the paddle ( fast paddle=less dwell). Short ball on back spin can be flipped, loops can be counter flat-hit off the bounce. You can kind of "dummy loop" with it. so if you are off the table you can spin it back. These are not like the 802-40 (35 degree) or Waren or Palio or clippa which have a soft sponge and the pips have a wider conic base. I have only played one session so I can't comment on the consistency yet. Because they are shorter wider and more closely spaced than the 651 from a few years ago, I will speculate they will not break so easily. I highly recommend this rubber
mattTT09  on 5/24/2013

its good overall

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