Globe 979

Globe 979 Pips
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User Ratings (12)

Speed 6.5
Spin 6.5
Control 7.2
Deception 8.0
Reversal 8.0
Weight 3.0   
Sponge Hardness 4.0   
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 10
Spin 8.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Type Long pips
There are 1 users using the Globe 979.
According to the new standard of the ITTF, Globe 979 long pimpled rubber has been developed with advanced technology using high quality polymer materials. The rubber has a slightly ribbed pimple surface and produced very good spin reversal. Mainly for chopping but it is also easy to play attack strokes against floating balls and against spin. Efficient stopblocks.

Reviews (7)

sirius13phobos  on 11/4/2014

Here is my test of globe 979 with 0,5 sponge I want say that this pips is very control.With my curl p1r 1.1 I had problem with returning of ball, because if topspin was strong, ball flew out of the table. With this rubber this problem lost. I want say than push with this pips is great and very unexpected.Well you can see some of elements of thi pips in my video. Nice watching and subscribe on my channel :)
r08y  on 7/4/2013

good pips
JOSTAR  on 7/9/2018

Beat a veteran DTecS OX user after playing 2 weeks with 979 OX Plays similar to DTecS Played 1 1/2 hour each with Globe 979 OX and Giant Dragon Talon OX on my BH. Same win results vs 4H Inverted Looper BH Anti push blocker .. 979 is a better chop block rubber than Talon with better control .. I have played with this for over 2 years. I play at an advanced level. I have not lost any pips. Great product for the money
kaki_lambung  on 5/4/2011

good pips term of reversal spin..the return ball a bit bottom/backspin... not also for defence...but good for attack too especially on bottom/backspin ball and floating ball.. a bit hard but good to counter topspin.. my friend aka masterpiece also use that...(kena tapau beb)
firetack  on 8/22/2014

I tried ox red sheet in the same session as 388d,I could easily use either,I found a little more control and reversal with the 388d and the 979 whilst not fast had a little more pace and less control though still plenty ,not as good for chopping,better for attack,of th e 2 I prefer the Dawei and win more with this(more wobble effect!)

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