Globe Mo Wang II

Globe Mo Wang II Pips
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 5.5
Spin 7.5
Control 7.0
Deception 6.5
Reversal 8.5
Weight 2.0   
Sponge Hardness 5.0   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall (not rated) 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
"Using new combination of particles, produced a strong backspin shot, more back change,attack powerful, able to cope with intense speed and spin. With extraordinary anti-spin features and good anti-loop performance. It's an ideal combination of offensive and defensive long rubber"

Reviews (2)

Nimrod  on 4/23/2017

After long searching below parameters for thicknes OX, 0.6 and 1 mm sponge. Speed: 62 / 66 / 70 Control: 82 / 80 / 78 Deception: 97 Hardness: 43-45° Pips seems to be very grippy. Also interesting fact is that pips are spaced vertical like short pips :). Want to try them on Der Materialspezialist Excalibur OFF- blade. ---- Played once and I can say it's quite fast long pips. Not very deceptive but reversal is very god. U can block with racket angle like inverted rubber (after block like this ball isn't dead but has lot of backspin).Chopping away from eable: nice spin reversal. Choping from dead ball: gives nice backspin (I was surprised). Control: I think needs litle bit training, but it's not so hard like DTecs for example. Attacking backspin: very easy with lot of spin. Hiting: also very easy, easier than Joola Badman Reloaded. (be cerful with speed -). I will update after next few games.
Lhet  on 7/27/2015

Only the second long pips I've tried (thus far). Compared to the other (755), it's much more versatile. It's a bit worse where the 755 was good (hitting, easy blocking), but makes up for this with the ability to do all the other long pip things the 755 isn't as good at (chopping is the main one). It's also kinda interesting. One annoyance is that the pips extend down on either side of the title area, so my index finger ends up rubbing against the pips and eventually begins to peel the sheet off. I guess the solution is to cut the rubber in a weird way so the index finger rests on bare wood, but that's still an annoyance. One other note: this tends to warp a bit after being pulled off a blade, and the glue doesn't like to come off, so don't plan on trying the same sheet on 4 different blades. Luckily it's pretty cheap.

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