Meteor 8512

Meteor 8512 Pips
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 4.1
Spin 3.8
Control 8.9
Deception 6.3
Reversal 6.2
Weight 3.3   
Sponge Hardness 6.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Durability (not rated)
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips

Reviews (3)

DarkHail7834  2 months ago

I've never used long pips before, but this rubber is everything I'd expect a long pips rubber to be. Really enjoyed chopping with it, and once I got used to it, service return as well as attacking backspin felt excellent.
firetack  on 7/27/2013

great ox pip this one and often overlooked,blade dependent for me I Tried it on Donic Defplay it was nothing special ,I then tried it on Stiga allround classic and Eureka! fantastic attacking opportunities with placement,nice short difficult to attack blocks,decent backspin when chopping and chop blocking all with the highest control I have seen in an lp,try it but find the blade to compliment it and play actively with confidence
choppersneverdie  on 1/24/2012

It is one of the best, if not the best long pimple in contoll. But it does not have lot of deceptive effect, and reversal.... not bad, but miles away from tsp p1r, feint long 2 etc... But you very-very forgiving, you can chop every ball back, unless if you're technique is not proper... I'm a chopper and used it in 0,5 for chopping, it's a really good lp for those who want to feel safe.

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