Palio CK531A

Palio CK531A Pips
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User Ratings (34)

Speed 5.6
Spin 4.0
Control 7.1
Deception 6.3
Reversal 7.3
Weight 2.4   
Sponge Hardness 3.9   
Medium soft
Consistency 6.8   
Occasional variations
Durability 3.3   
Not very durable
Overall 7.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
There are 3 users using the Palio CK531A.
Palio long pips rubber inherits the many fine characteristics of its long pimple predecessors. And yet CK531A pimple are smaller and softer. Hence, it can create stronger reversed spins and this definitely proves to be damaging to opponents. So don't miss this if you want to have a killer long pimples rubber.

Reviews (24)

Pipsy  on 10/5/2012

Play it in OX in league matches for more than one year now. This is a review for the yellow package OX-version only! Yellow Palio sheet is thinner and plays different than the newest blue one (of which the picture is shown here). I Significantly improved my level with it. Speed: not fast, not slow. Pips are shiny but still medium friction. For me it is a great allround pip that can do it all: one of the better OX-pips to chop with off the table and at the same time very controlled short game, great for blocking when taking the ball very quicky after the bounce. Reversal is good in OX but it isn't a disturbing wobbling pip like D-tecs. You will need a good forehand game in combination. Once you get used to it, control is very good. Sheets get much better once broken in, so try to play it for a few weeks before evaluating! I prefer red over black.
soper79  on 5/3/2017

I had to update my review on this LP as I have tried many over the years. Palio ck531a is my favorite simply because it does everything really well. I wouldn't dare use the expression "jack of all trades. master of none" because that wouldn't be doing this rubber justice. With it, you can absolutely master whatever approach you're going for. It's just up to you and your skill. You want to chop with it? Sun Jian Fei plays this rubber in OX and is amazing with it. You want to attack with it? Wang Qiu Yi Wang is the best attacking LP player I've ever seen. You'd swear she's playing short pips but no. It's ck531a. I assume she's using sponge but I don't know for sure. Now about this rubber. It's a high reversal rubber IMO. I prefer it sponged in 1.0 where I like to attack when given the opportunity. This rubber allows you to do that very well. Across the board on all LPs, I prefer sponged LPs for attacking so that's why I use this. Vs topspin, chop-blocks will produce high back reversal back to the opponent. Vs topspin, counter drives back will produce deadish balls back to the opponent. This stroke is a little trickier to do but it can be done. I can't recommend it enough. Just buy it and thank me later.
rabbi-D  on 3/20/2011

One of the best long pips I've tried. Plays equally well on slow defensive blades and faster stiffer blades. These are very versatile long pips but hey excel in spin reversal and are deadly against heavy loopers (actually I like best the 0.6-08 mm version on a slower blade,, but OX and 1.0 mm versions are also excellent for classic or modern defense.) Very inexpensive product with excellent playing property. Definitely a must try if you are a pips player.
auzcar  on 4/23/2010

Really good spin reversal on blocks! Probably the best I've tried for this since the frictionless ban. Also good for chopping away from the table. The only bad thing is that it's quite fast and so it seems a bit uncontrollable. However, when you've learned to control the speed it's only positive since it gives your opponent less time to react.
Joel  on 1/26/2010

I should add that the short review I wrote up above is for the ox version. Using it like this on a relatively stiff defensive blade really does maximize the spin reversal, as opposed to using a sponge.

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