Prasidha Long A

Prasidha Long A Pips
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NiTTaKu  on 1/7/2010

1. Physical Properties: The sheet is red, very thin base. Used with Blutenkirsche Sponge (0,7mm thickness) on a Darker 7P-2A.DF blade. Quality seems top of the line, seems its gonna last forever without losing pips. The pips seem similar in configuration to P1R, but theyre way stiffer than those, more like an old Bamboo P1 with more grip on the pips. Its pretty difficult to bend the pips with the stroke. 2. Speed: Comparing it to P1-R (my recent playing pip) its a lil bit faster but chops seem controlled every time, the stroke is different, more of a short pips angle to it (not so horizontal). Using a near 90 deg. bat angle (depending on the incoming spin) you can make active & pretty accurate blocks, you can also relax the wrist and get no spin dead balls (hard to keep near the net, but can be done) or make a full block using an inverted rubber bat angle. Its also pretty good at sidespin blocks, ball curves nicely. 3. Spin: Spin on chops is lower than P1r level, but second chop goes nicely charged with spin. Spin manipulation on chops is sub P1-r, but can be done too. Can produce spin on its own when using light touch shots. 4. Control: Needs less adaptation than P1r. Its faster, but can be controlled easily and chops stay on a nice low trajectory. High and short balls should be punished attacking with flat hits as this rubber really shines on attacks, flat hitting against dead or backspin balls with this is a breeze on BH and FH, just slap hard and the ball goes in like a rocket.

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