Stiga Destroyer

Stiga Destroyer Pips
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 6.1
Spin 4.2
Control 6.8
Deception 6.6
Reversal 6.8
Weight 3.3   
Sponge Hardness 4.4   
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Durability (not rated)
Overall 8.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
Stiga Destroyer is a revolutionary long pimple rubber that has been developed by the Worlds' leading players. Destroyer has exceptional unique long pimple characteristics that are soft and specially shaped to get a maximum response from individual techniques.

Reviews (7)

Anonymous  on 10/30/2010

I have been playing with Destroyer (No Sponge) now for some time and getting strong loops back is no problem when mid to long distance chopping.I am finding now that I get more low returns and better control when instead of chopping with a 45 degree angle I use a scoop stroke.That is starting at a near vertical line bringing the blade down and at contact with the ball, level the blade horizontal forward as if scooping up the ball.All your shots will go back just over the net very low.I found it hard hitting with this rubber at first but now getting better by contacting with the ball with a slightly open face (that`s just a litle back from a vertical face) but most important,Follow Through with you stroke either upwards or forwards.Hope you find all this helpful,Great rubber but you must persevere with it.(A lot give up to early and miss out on great returns)
The_Coach  on 2/25/2010

A classic long pips rubber. If you use an ox version you get lower speed and good spin reversal. If you use the 1.5mm sponge version you get a lot higher speed, faster returns, less to no spin reversal, but a lot of deception if used on a medium or soft blade. For those who haven't used long pips before this is a really good, quite cheap and very durable alternative, thou It takes some time to get used to. I highly recommend it.
jrado  on 9/27/2013

I used the 1.5 mm thickness on a Donic Waldnder Allround blade on my backhand. The rubber is very fast making it more suitable for attacking than chopping. When chopping it is very unforgiving of racket angle popping the ball very high or sending it soaring over the end of the table if your racket angle is anything less than perfect. Very little spin reversal or deception. Too fast for me, even on the allround blade. Blocking is good. I think this rubber requires superior technique and is better used aggressively.
Anonymous  on 3/4/2012

i have played with two kind's of destroyer firs 1.0 and then ox and i havent seen that much difference's.first on jjola def and then on yasaka swipper.but its a good rubber for play away from the table.
jeremy  on 7/17/2010

its fast hard to hit with. this is not for your first long pips. this was my second long pips rubber. This rubber is good for choppers. It is best to a medium distance from the table with this rubber. Stiga destroyer is very durable pips. I havent even broken one pip yet.

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