Tibhar Grass D.TecS

Tibhar Grass D.TecS Pips
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User Ratings (59)

Speed 6.7
Spin 5.3
Control 7.0
Deception 8.5
Reversal 8.4
Weight 2.6   
Sponge Hardness 5.3   
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Durability 8.8   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 56 / 100
Spin 67 / 100
Control 83 / 100
Deception 75 / 100
Type Long pips
There are 21 users using the Tibhar Grass D.TecS.
With the integrated D-Tecs effect in our classical long pimples rubber, the player will experience new variations to cut the ball and to counter his opponent' destabilising strokes. Thanks to the integrated tension in the pimples and the sponge, the pimples get softer, which enables the player to cut the ball in a sensational way. However, because of the softness of the rubber, the D-Tecs effect provides amazing control plus enough speed to destabilize the opponent with nervous aggressive shots during disturbing attacks at the table.

Reviews (30)

Nimrod  on 5/10/2019

I was using this pips with Donic WSC. 1,2 mm spong. For me it was really to hard controll it. I don't know why ? Maybe blade was to fast. But anyway: good deception and reversal, close and away from table. Hard to atack BH with it. Now I'm waiting for Giant Dragon CC OX (blade for it Andro Temper Tech All+). UPDATE: On fast bade I had bad controll. On Andro TT All+ everything works perfect.
guusvansoer  on 5/16/2018

After using Tibhar Grass D.Tecs for 1 year, i would say that this rubber is the best pips that if i compared with all other pips that i ever used. This pips is even better in compare with TSP P4 Chop or P1R. The characteristics of this pips are: 1. Fery fast long pips. You need to use it on def+ or all round blade and i do not recommend to use it on off or off+ blade. 2. It takes more time to learn it's character in compare with other pimples rubber. 3. Best for block and chop away from the table 4. The best way to learn and improve your game with this pips is to focus on your stance and footwork. 5. This pips is NOT created for passive blocker. But, very effective for modern defender who want to reach the next level of their game and improve their playing style. 6. I will not suggest to use the OX version but use at least with 1.0 sponge. Sponge will make this pips more consistent and more controllable.
Antonijus  on 3/12/2011

Extrodinary good weapon. I found it after Super block. I am veteran player. Yes it more efective on blocs close to the table, but I succesfuly chop from midlle distances. Very dangerous is backhand hit. Yes playing with it is not simple. It very hard to play You, but especialy opponent. I play Joo Se Huk blade, OX -BH. Playing with it I won 2 champion titles: North Europen countries+Baltic States championship.
roger6  6 months ago

No hit in OX
tirtho  on 8/23/2012

great rubber that goes out of control prety often .u hav to be 100% everytime u play with this.receiving is bit difficult and timing has to be bang on.if u master it opponents are gonna hate u....

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