TSP Curl P-1R

TSP Curl P-1R Pips
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User Ratings (60)

Speed 5.6
Spin 6.5
Control 7.5
Deception 7.9
Reversal 7.6
Weight 3.1   
Sponge Hardness 4.8   
Consistency 7.8   
Always identical
Durability 6.6   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 40 / 100
Spin 45 / 100
Control 75 / 100
Type Long pips
There are 32 users using the TSP Curl P-1R.
This Curl P-1R has the longest and softest pimples, which produce very deceptive spins and wobble after bouncing. This long pimple is very difficult to play against. Although this rubber produces unpredictable effects for your opponent, you will need to be fairly competent to control it.

The classic TSP long pimple rubber; the thin pimples are
made of soft rubber which are capable of producing
the most dangerous defensive strokes. Unlike
frictionless rubbers, Curl P1 R gives players the
chance of bringing in their own chop and float

Reviews (45)

Ttjw93  on 5/6/2014

My first long pips rubber. Very good at chopping away from the table. The spin is massive. Control is pretty good. With this rubber you can play slow and fast, with or without spin. With pushes you have to make sure the ball stays low.
guusvansoer  on 7/7/2018

Almost the same character with Yinhe Neptune, but with extra backspin on chopping and blocking. I saw many World Class player use it but for me personally, there are several characteristics of this pips which make this pips is not for everyone: 1. High throw angle, especially for long distance chopping (I use with 0,5 mm sponge) 2. Slow speed in compare with other pips 3. Takes more time to adjust it with your games. So, I do not recommend this pips for beginner pips player. You can try the cheaper pips on the market to learn the basic strokes of long pips.
firetack  on 4/21/2014

This review is for ox red on defplay senso: Appearance:opaque deep red not see through,base sheet is very elastic thicker than a 388d thinner than a 911,medium soft flexible pips ribbed very high quality A few reviewers finding this pip not so easy to master this was not my experience with the ox version,easily the best ox sheet for chopping and will make more backspin than some sponged lps,and allows you to vary the chopping angle from upright to more horizontal.very effective sideswipe and the blade can be practically at right angles to the table unlike some lps which needs a slight tilt towards yourself ,the blocking ability is good too for such a great chopping lp and if you get the ball off the bounce there is enough reversal to keep the pressure on your opponent,also surprisingly good attacking properties the grip comes into play here and allows you to place your attacks with a decent pace and again you keep the pressure on,I found that the Tenergy on the other side of the blade also helps the pip here and when hitting hard gives a little more catapult to the shot,don`t be afraid give it a go you won`t regret
Nimrod  11 months ago

If Your game is basing on deception don't buy this pips. It's working perfect while chopping. I'm wondering why players rate controll only as 7.5. It's really controlable pips (using 1mm)
Gazzatron  on 6/26/2019

Just started playing with p1r. Ahhh what a great classic style pip. It is very consistent. What I really like is you can alternate easily between hits, rolls and of course chop, chopping being it's key strength. What a great rubber to twiddle as well. Play clever, use your reverse rubber to switch sides and play the modern defensive game. The set up I've currently got is a very light set up. Hurricane 2 (hard sponge) p1r .5. the point .5 is quite clonkey, almost hardbat like. Good spin manipulation. Like most pips requires concentration and tactics, so a learner would find hard or impossible I'd say. Once mastered it's a joy to play with. Still learning after playing anti which although steady can be bit one paced.

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