TSP Spectol Blue

TSP Spectol Blue Pips
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Speed 8.5
Spin 5.0
Control 9.0
Deception 3.0
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Short pips
TSP Spectol has been a top-seller for decades and one of the best-known short pips-out rubbers worldwide. Numerous major championships were won by players using Spectol, and even today many top table tennis stars rely on the special features of this legendary pips-out rubber. With Spectol Blue, TSP presents a new high-end version featuring integrated Dynamic Tension Technology for aggressive pips-out playing style. This rubber is a unique combination of speed provided by the hard open-pore tension OFF sponge and great pips-out effect provided by the special Spectol pips geometry. The blue high-performance sponge of Spectol Blue is slightly harder than the sponge of Spectol Red. Made in Japan.

Reviews (1)

BramV  on 3/1/2018

My preferred short pip is usually the Waran II, which has a hard sponge and is quite fast but somewhat linear. Soft sponged pips are often way too catapulty for my taste, so with that in mind I went for the Spectol Blue. Upon delivery I glued it to my Yasaka Goiabao and started goofing around with it. I noticed the topsheet was at once able to produce a decent amount of spin while at the same time being largely insensitive to it. Also, the hardness of the rubber and sponge seemed adequate. In matchplay I noticed it is very easy to hit with and very linear, more so than the Waran II with just a touch less speed. This translated to a greater control in the offensive game. Additionally, the topsheet was able to produce way more spin on the serves. Therefore, I feel that the Spectol Blue is an all around better choice, as it increases my efficiency and adds an extra weapon. Beware however, in the max version which I play, I did not notice a lot of deception. It is however, very consistent and predictable, a quality which I value greatly. Along with the Waran II this is now my favorite short pip, and I absolutely recommend it to players who value these qualities as well.

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