TSP Spectol

TSP Spectol Pips
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User Ratings (15)

Speed 8.9
Spin 7.9
Control 9.3
Deception 5.7
Weight 2.5   
Sponge Hardness 3.9   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.6   
Always identical
Durability 9.4   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Short pips
There are 7 users using the TSP Spectol.

Reviews (6)

lcamb  on 5/25/2012

I had tried stiga royal, radical and btty Flarestorm and Raystorm. Spectol offers the best combination of speed, spin and control. Very deceptive when blocking fast drives.
joll777  on 2/22/2018

This is an incredible short pips rubber that can do it all if paired well and also have very good control in every shots mostly best suited for modern defensive plays. I can have so much wide of spins variation in my Chops, push block, Flat hit and top spin also at its best too. Really enjoyable and love this Equipment, very versatile for Defender but you need to practise a lot, be patience and at last have skills otherwise it is not an easy rubber to learn and play
tommyr22  on 5/17/2017

After using many short pips 802 40.....Mystery 3....Tack speed.....dragnow. I can say Spectol is my favorite. i can send flat cross body shots with this rubber with ease........I try this shot with the other rubbers and I miss 95% of the time. Also better for serve return......less spin sensitive. But you have to use a tennis style stroke to make this rubber shine on my FH. I have no idea why i cant do the same stroke with those other rubbers it simply doesnt work. Also if your a close to table blocker who is obessed with wanting a light rubber than this is the rubber for you.......easily the lightest rubber ive ever used. I use the 1.3 mm sponge....those other rubber were usually 1.5 or 1.7. Spectol has more of a wonky grass feel when the balls hits it . Probably what makes the control better
Anonymous  on 9/10/2011

i love this pips cause it gives me alot of control and very good in attact too..
kits11326  on 2/1/2009

i first so this pips with an old man playing in our town. He's 69 yrs old, but i can assure you that he can kick ass. I tried it with the 1.8mm sponge. my first impression is the pips consistency. it can do anything i try. attack, block, chop, etc.... best short pips from TSP

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