Xiom Guillotine S

Xiom Guillotine S Pips
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User Ratings (2)

Speed 7.5
Spin 5.5
Control 6.0
Deception 8.0
Reversal 7.5
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 7.5   
Medium hard
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Durability (not rated)
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips

Reviews (2)

TraditionalT  on 3/19/2010

I agree completely with Greggy's comments. I started using this rubber in May 2009 after trying a bunch of other pips, and also tried a few others since I started using it, but, like him, I came back to it, because nothing matches it in terms of how dangerous it is for opponents. But he's also right: you need to really stick with it; it's not for beginners, and if your plan is to use pips to stand close to the table and block passively, this is definitely not the rubber for you. It's fast, and the pips themselves are soft and grippy, but for creating tons of spin variation for chopping off the table, mixed with occasional active blocks, it's amazing, and the backspin it's capable of generating off loops is incredible. Just know what you're going to be in for if you try this rubber: if you're the kind of player who wants instant results or expects new equipment to work wonders immediately, stay away! You need to train for a long time to get the hang of this thing, but it's well worth it.
Greggy  on 1/30/2010

I have used it for 3 years now and was one of the first in the world to use it. Very grippy and fast LP I play with 1mm sponge ( Tensor ) Most players find it too hard to control, I say practise more. Excellent for off the tbale chopping and over the table hitting. Only good and short pushes. Last for ever. Will only give super spin reversal after about 2 or 3 incoming loops but on a balsa blade ( DR N Combi effect ) balls stay very low and skidy. Can chop block and can counter hit over the table better than excellent but you have to of a high level to enjoy this rubber. No good for beginners and if you try it you will need to practice lots then it is magic. I trainer against worlds number 91 Oct last year, she loved it attacking ability she uses P1. I have tried 15 LP over the last 3 years end up back with Guillotine S. It is great!!!!

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