Xiom Zava 1

Xiom Zava 1 Pips
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Speed 8.6
Spin 6.1
Control 8.4
Deception 7.1
Weight 3.4   
Sponge Hardness 3.3   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Durability 7.5   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Short pips
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ZAVA I has the softer pimples-out top sheet with built-in tension to create amazing speed and spin. New pimple structure and elastic construction based on spin-innovated Hyper Elasto generate unprecedented ball-trajectory among pimples-out rubbers, which also opens a bigger window over the net. ZAVA I also has the balanced pimples-out performance with well-controlled knuckle shots to keep the unique advantage for pimples-out plays. Feel the sensation of elastic ZAVA I and Win the match with unprecedented pimples-out performance.

Reviews (7)

lexprimaenoctis  on 2/7/2014

I play with red 2.0 mm on forehand, my blade is LKT Will Power and I played with friendship 802-40 1.8 before. In comparison to friendship, xiom is far ahead. It is faster, very consistent in hitting, driving and smashing (after I adjusted my angle), has better feel and my attack is more dangerous for the opponents. I can hit with power and confidence through the spin, even heavy loops and they return the ball mostly into the net or off the table. 802-40 was too similar to inverted, had no deception and could be very tricky for me. I feeled like I did everything good, proper footwork, the same stroke and movement as before and the outcome was bad. xiom zava 1 is different, adds confidence to my game and I feel like I can play more aggressive, even attack pretty low balls! Big surprise is good ability to perform topspin. Not as easy as with 802-40, but once u get used to it and give a bit more swing to the stroke, it`s disturbing and hard to return. It is definitely worth trying. The manufacturer website doesn`t lie about the product and it`s characteristics. Just be careful to pair it with proper blade. LKT will power works for me, I suggest to try similar stiff and hard blade, but it depends much on what u wanna play, or how u play. Good luck with that!
chalo_sterling  on 10/15/2013

excellent short pips, very balanced, allow generate the enough spin when you need it (for example i can make topspins 3 mts away the table), but in flatter strokes produce a knuckle-ball effect very effective (flat trajectory with very dead ball). the sensitivy to spin is medium... not too sensitive but not too insensitive... this is a offensive short pips, i only used thicker sponge and i can say that is excellent for driving, blocking (both active, passive and chop-block), hitting, like classic short pips but with the possibility to generate some spin when you need it, always with good wrist movement
cartagena  on 8/4/2013

excellent, good at everything, and with enough spin possibilities
Anonymous  on 5/31/2012

I've played lots of short pimple rubber, and I found it is the most suitable for me. it is fast but not as fast as Rakza P.o, but has great control and feeling. pushing and blocking can be done with easy. chopping on the table is a little bit tricky, but it is easily done far from the table. it produces 'fast dead shots'. you can spin the ball but need a lot of strengths and wrist usages.
dario7  3 weeks ago

Xiom Zava 1 with a max sponge is a short pips rubber with the most spin that I've tried (SpinLord Gipfelsturm, Degu, Waran 2 and Dr Neubauer Killer Pro). So you do not need to have the best footwork and always hit the ball at the highest point, because it is possible to return the ball well with a spin. Sponge is medium soft and it has good speed when you hit hard through the ball, but in passive shots it is not so fast. With block you can easily create dead knuckle ball, but this rubber really shines in wobbly shots. Many times my opponents hit the ball with the wrist or miss the whole ball. Also it is possible to play from mid-distance, but this shot is not so dangerous due to lack of speed. Overall, control is excellent, I only had a problem with chops. My test of Xiom Zava 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdDz3nm5xBs

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