Xiying 889


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Approx. $ 3 USD
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User Ratings (1)

Speed 8.0
Spin 6.8
Control 8.5
Deception 3.0
Weight 6.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness (not rated)
Consistency (not rated)
Durability (not rated)
Overall (not rated) 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Short pips

Reviews (1)

Iloveanti  on 5/11/2016

Seemed only available in OX, bought 2 red in total, one equipped with a 1.8mm high elasticity "cake" sponge, one equipped with a custom 0.4mm EVA and both had been attached to a Juic Exacta (speed=ALL) blade . The pips were horizontally aligned, trapezoid shaped and quite elastic. The base of the sheet was thick and elastic, which gave a kick to hitting. Not spinny when serving (compare to Friendship 802-40), but when equipped with the 1.8mm sponge, a half decent loop with reasonable amount of top spin could be made. Thus being quite insensitive to incoming spin (in short pips standard) was the strength of this rubber, which made roll loop/lift against back spin with ease. Blocking and hitting was good, ball flew in a mid-low trajectory with good control and consistency. But chopping was not quite good, as not much back spin could be generated, the opponent could loop back again easily. Overall, I rate: Speed: 8/10 (depends on the sponge/blade) Spin: 6.8 (no big variation between different sponge thickness) Control: 8.5/10 Deception: 3/10 Pros: Fast, insensitive to spin, good control in hitting and blocking, cheap Cons: not much spin on serving or chopping, no sponged version, heavy

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