Yasaka Marvelous

Yasaka Marvelous Pips
Approx. $ 33 USD
Price $

User Ratings (1)

Speed 6.0
Spin 7.0
Control 8.0
Deception 5.0
Weight 0.0   
Feather light
Sponge Hardness 0.0   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Durability (not rated)
Overall 7.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Short pips

Reviews (1)

Tokieboi  on 1/8/2013

The softest pimp and sponge I ever had. It's hard to generate spin on your own, but the ability to add and change spin is massive, thanks to the soft sponge. Very hard to control on several passive stroke (block and chop), but very easy to lift the heavy underspin ball and to add sidespin on the loop. Speed is pretty average, not suitable for slapping ball.

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