Donic Carbotec 7000

Donic Carbotec 7000 Premade Racket
Approx. $ 97 USD
Price $

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Speed 9.0
Spin 7.0
Control 8.0
Weight 2.5   
Durability (not rated)
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 120
Spin 120
Control 60
The new Carbotec table tennis rackets are the innovation for table tennis in the 21st century. Carbotec table tennis rackets are harder and resistant to twists than traditional table tennis rackets made of wood. Carbotec rackets allow a more dynamic game due to increased material resistance. The rackets are lighter, more durable and weather resistant. Check out this new innovation in table tennis and you will be convinced. And the design is fantastic.

Reviews (1)

santosdavip  5 months ago

Speed reaches an advanced game, with considerable distance from the table and the lightness of the racket helps and impose and maintain a fast playing pace with answers in proper time, the control is satisfactory, but the effect of rubber does not reach the manufacturer indicated , I like to use a heavy and short loot to force opponents with more skill to play inside the table, and the level of effect imposed is similar to average rubbers. Nothing that makes the rotation of the ball force the opposing player to be afraid, but i do not regret, it was worth the 72 euros I spent only by the lightness and anatomy of the cable, very special, with the two bluefire i bought it will get even better. I recommend, despite leaving to be desired in effect, you can train advanced and improve the issue of effect by changing the rubber. The design is really beautiful, impresses everyone and the footprint matches.

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