Donic Waldner 700

Donic Waldner 700 Premade Racket
Approx. $ 49 USD
Price $

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Speed 8.5
Spin 6.7
Control 8.5
Weight 2.5   
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90 / 100
Spin 80 / 100
Control 70 / 100

Just right for all the demanding playing technigues with high speed!
Comes with 2.0 mm Vari Slick rubber, supporting great spin and excellent control. Total new Flared handle design for 2009.

Reviews (1)

RaulS  on 4/20/2018

I bought this one before i got a bit more serious about table tennis , it has great control and speed over its lifetime , the power you put in to it , it delivers out , but the spin on the other hand is weird , at first when you can feel its very slight tackiness , the spin is greater , you can see the ball following the path you would expect from the spin you put on it , but after it dies out , you need to put a lot more precision and acceleration to make it do that , now tough , i feel like with this one even if you contact it lightly , there is still spin , it just more so doesn't affect the path of the ball , that is mostly handled by the angle of the bat . I personally use it now to practice brushing the ball , as it requires me to do the proper technique and great acceleration if i want it to land inside the table instead of me relying on my equipment to do the job for me, i would recommend it if you can get it at a discount or feel like you may want to practice brushing the ball . Other notes : the wooden handle , specially the part where you rest your thumb , has become lose at least 3 times over its lifetime , needing me to glue it back , might have been my inexperience or perhaps the method of keeping the wood together on itself , just a heads up.

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