JOOLA Cobra Premade Racket
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Speed 4.0
Spin 3.0
Control 9.0
Weight 2.5   
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall 5.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 70 / 100
Spin 78 / 100
Control 90 / 100
- Speed - 70, Spin - 78, Control - 90
- Handle - Flared
- Weight - 160gr/ .35lbs
- Reduced vibrations in handle
- ITTF Approved competition rubber

The JOOLA Cobra is a learner-grade (stage two) table tennis racket, using Peking rubber over a responsive sponge to create aggressive spin and speed. JOOLA's Control System uses cross milling in the wood to eliminate vibrations and provide a truer ball response. Approved by the ITTF, the Cobra features a flared handle with ERGO Grip technology. This new generation grip is rounded for a more ergonomic form that immediately adapts to your hand.
Peking rubber
Flared handle
Five-ply veneer

Reviews (1)

IgorSugars  9 months ago

Played with this premade racket for almost a year. Felt great when I was complete newbie that had no idea about the complexity of the game. After learning the basics my coach offered me to try out some of hes spare rackets. I feel like I owe the world a review of this premade racket. First of all just like the cover picture (with Chen Weixing) suggests the manufacturers made an attempt to create a defensive-allround mass produced racked. The wood is very light and both looks and feels very cheap. Generic plywood. The sponge is soft, for me it feels EXTRA-soft. 2mm both sides. The inverted pimples are very short, shorter than half mm also they are very thin and tiny. They are spread in vertical rows. The topsheet has some tackiness and actually works very well! The rubber itself is definitely made in China. It has some stickiness and tackiness as well as the stereotypical chemical smell. Any stroke played with this racket is decent (if you have the proper technique) EXCEPT brushing with just the topsheet! If you do that the ball will drop like ripe juicy apple from a tree. Personally I hated how easy it was to make the ball squish right thru the sponge and make contact with wood. Made counter driving and counter looping against people that actually know what they are doing a nightmare.

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