Killerspin Jet 500

Killerspin Jet 500 Premade Racket
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Speed 75 / 100
Control 80 / 100
The Jet 500 brings the level of play up a notch with an ITTF-approved rubber and a flexible plywood blade for competitive play. For intermediate level players into their groove, the Jet 500 has great offerings. The combination of a soft, elastic, 5-ply blade and two, ITTF-approved rubbers put you in a league with the pros. Spinny serves, consistent returns and powerful double-wing attacking are now possible with the Jet 500.

Reviews (1)

michael99  on 7/11/2017

I used this racket when I first started going to my table tennis club. The racket is very bouncy and can only play fast. You can get some decent spin on serves. Serve return is difficult due to the high spin responsiveness of the rubber. Short to table is tough but this racket is good in the medium range. Looping is difficult as there isn't much control. This racket is not for beginners because it is so fast with minimal control. Killerspin attempted to make a high level premade racket. However, advanced players won't purchase a premade racket. Overall I don't recommend this racket.

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