iPong iPong Master V300

iPong iPong Master V300 Robot
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User Ratings (1)

Features 7.0   
Better than average
Jam Resistance 5.0   
Rarely gets jammed
Durability 5.0   
Expected robot life
Ease Of Use 7.0   
Easy to use
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Programmable No
Adjustable Height No
Continuous Feed No
Wheels 2
Oscillates Yes
Mount Sits on Table
- Two wheel design offers a natural ball trajectory
- Wireless remote controls ALL settings
- Digital display on the IPONG Master V300 shows each of the four control settings
- Oscillation feature shoots balls from side-to-side
- Holds 100 balls, and delivers up to 90 balls per minute

Continuing with a two-wheel design that offers a natural ball trajectory, the IPONG Master V300 has all the great features of the IPONG Pro - the ability to shoot balls from side-to-side on the table. And adding to it's hallmarks, there's a wireless remote to control all functions. The IPONG Master V300 has three main sections that snap together in less than a minute. (A great benefit, also when traveling, as it considerably reduces the overall size.) Simplicity and flexibility: Power-up. Add balls. Set ball type. Press start and play. The IPONG Master V300's small lightweight remote fits easily in the freehand, or pocket, while the player enjoys their practice. The digital display on the front of the IPONG Master V300 respectively shows your FOUR settings: Ball Frequency, Side-to-Side Oscillation, Top Wheel Speed, and Bottom Wheel Speed. The wireless remote has a pair of buttons ('+' and '-' ) corresponding to each control above. And a memory button is included to save your favorite settings. The Power and Start/Pause buttons are the only other controls you'll need to learn. Simple. Are you an advancing player who likes to practice against backspin?. With the IPONG tilt stand, and the proper settings, the IPONG Master V300 can create very realistic backspins balls to practice the "push" and "loop" loop shots. (Respectively, these are the basic backspin and topspin shots used in the sport of table tennis.).

Reviews (1)

Orangecrush  on 5/8/2015

Hello TTDB members, I noticed that no one has written a review on the IPONG Master V300 yet. So here goes, I first bought the IPONG Original and had problems with it not launching the balls to the same place on my side of the table. Out of 50 balls maybe 20 of them hit the same place. I found this very frustrating when trying to do any drills. To make this short I'll just say that it was not predictable. I contacted Megaspin and Joola about the issues I was experiencing and Joola sent me the IPONG Master V300. Because of all the trouble I was having with the Original. So that is cool, but it is still made like all the other IPONG models. What I mean by that is they are made very cheep and if not careful they will break if you happen to drop it. Now for the Pro's and Con's: Pro's: Looks better than all the other IPONG robot's. One of the nicest features is the wireless remote that is small and easy to use. The operations manual on the V300 is a lot better than the other model's. Con's: After carefully removing it from the box I noticed that one of the tabs on one of the cones was broken off. Even then it would not mount onto the engine core because the rest of the tabs needed to be filed down in order to get it to fit properly. I almost wish it was a little more heavy, because if you are not careful with the ac connection wire. You might hit the wire with your foot when retrieving your ball's. It happened to me, but luckily I had my collection net setup so it didn't drop off the table. All and all it is way better than the other IPONG model's. If they would just make it a little more stout, I'm talking about those little tabs. Then I would have given a better review. I will update this review after I spend some more time with it.

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