iPong iPong V300

iPong iPong V300 Robot
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Features 6.5   
Better than average
Jam Resistance 7.0   
Rarely gets jammed
Durability 7.0   
Lasts a long time before any breaking down
Ease Of Use 7.8   
Easy to use
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Programmable No
Adjustable Height No
Continuous Feed No
Oscillates Yes
Mount Sits on Table
This is the latest generation of IPONG V300 (released November 2015).

The latest revision has the following improvements:

Upgraded motors for vastly improved ball accuracy
Resolved jamming issues
Newly designed rubber wheels that are wider and more stable, reducing vibration.
Balls shoot straighter and with better spin.
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- IPONG Targets
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Designed to work best with IPONG Poly Pro 40+ Balls (not included). 40mm celluloid balls will work but are not recommended.

This robot is similar to IPONG Pro with the following differences:
- Better natural ball trajectory thanks to two wheel design.
- Wireless remote controls all settings
- Digital display on the IPONG V300 shows all four control settings

- Left to right oscillation to shoot balls from side-to-side
- Holds 100 balls, and delivers up to 90 balls per minute

Tip for advanced players
Shutting off the bottom motor by setting it to zero creates heavy backspin that is good for practicing serve return. Practice flips by moving the robot closer to the net.

Continuing with a two-wheel design that offers a natural ball trajectory, the IPONG V300 has all the great features of the IPONG Pro - the ability to shoot balls from side-to-side on the table. And adding to it's hallmarks, there's a wireless remote to control all functions.

The IPONG V300 has three main sections that snap together in less than a minute. (A great benefit, also when traveling, as it considerably reduces the overall size.)

Simplicity and flexibility: Power-up. Add balls. Set ball type. Press start and play.

The IPONG V300's small lightweight remote fits easily in the freehand, or pocket, while the player enjoys their practice. The digital display on the front of the IPONG V300 respectively shows your FOUR settings: Ball Frequency, Side-to-Side Oscillation, Top Wheel Speed, and Bottom Wheel Speed. The wireless remote has a pair of buttons ('+' and '-' ) corresponding to each control above. And a memory button is included to save your favorite settings. The Power and Start/Pause buttons are the only other controls you'll need to learn. Simple.

Are you an advancing player who likes to practice against backspin?. With the IPONG tilt stand, and the proper settings, the IPONG V300 can create very realistic backspins balls to practice the "push" and "loop" loop shots. (Respectively, these are the basic backspin and topspin shots used in the sport of table tennis.).

- Holds 100 balls, and shoots up to 90 balls per minute.
- Wireless Remote Control: On-off, start-pause, memory, Frequency +/-, Oscillation +/-, Topspin +/-, Backspin +/-
- Dimensions: 19 x 11 inches (48 x 28 cm)
- Product weight: 2.75 lbs
- Shipping weight: 5 lbs
- Box dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 9 inches
- Includes A/C wall adapter, Tilt Stand, Targets
- Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9'x5')
- Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty.
- Designed in USA, Made in China

Reviews (3)

pitigoi  on 2/18/2018

I bought this robot, 2017 version, two wheels, to simulate a more realistic underspin, versus the Newgy 1050 robot I own. T his is indeed possible, as you can rearrange some setting (following the instructions of andrekhorie posted at megaspin.net), and can move the robot on the table. But it shoots balls much to fast for learning correct new moves (looping and push variations) - 45 in one minute, on the slowest setting. Underspin balls come slower! Right now we have to use it two of us, one feeding balls slowly to the robot. It jams with several kind of balls, and really only takes 50 balls. But it stopped jamming since using 2 star celluloid balls.
bigshoe83  on 2/15/2018

The one I received I thought had a problem but it turned out it just didn’t like 40mm celluloid balls. When I tried 40+ plastic balls it worked great. No complaints for the price!
Amilcar  on 2/4/2018

Got an updated 2017 model.It is an excellent budget robot.With all essential features and very easy to assemble and use.So far it never jammed and looks fairly durable.Must mention my v300 is only 3 months old.Got it from Megaspin.com great service &price.I have no problem to recommend it as very good basic budget robot .Hope my review is helpfull...

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