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Features 2.8   
Fewer features
Jam Resistance 5.4   
Rarely gets jammed
Durability 3.3   
Frequently problems, needs replacement parts
Ease Of Use 9.4   
Very easy to figure out. No manual needed!
Overall 5.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Programmable No
Adjustable Height No
Continuous Feed No
Wheels 2
Oscillates No
Mount Sits on Table
iPong is the affordable, portable table tennis practice buddy that plays with you tirelessly. Set your own pace with this attractive accessory, from casual to a blistering ball-feed that will give you a world-class workout. Adjust the iPong to give you underspin, topspin or heavy topspin balls and blast away!

No more waiting for a practice partner! More like a live opponent rather than a 'playback feature,' iPong can continuously shoot more than 100 balls before reloading. It assembles in minutes and never tires!

Be the envy of the neighbors when they see this fun unit in action, or keep it as your secret weapon and let them wonder how you improved your game so fast!

Use iPong for hours of fun on any table tennis table. It's a smart way to maximize your use of your existing table and its modern, sleek design is pleasing and fitting for any gameroom decor.


* Sleek patent-pending design
* Easy to use and assemble
* Great workout buddy
* Portable (take it to a friend's house!)
* Adjustable frequency
* Sharpen your skills
* 1-year manufacturer's warranty
* A new reason to use your table again
* A must-have for every table tennis table owner

Technical Specifications

* 3 Different Spins: Underspin, Topspin, Heavy Topspin
* Frequencies: From 12 Balls/Min - 70 Balls/Min
* Max Ball Capacity: 110
* Gross Weight/Unit: 4 lbs
* Box Dimensions: 12.25" x 12.25" x 9.25"
* Net Weight/Unit: 2.5 lbs
* Assembled Unit: 18.75" H x 11" W x 11" D
* Unassembled Unit: 6.5" H x 11" W x 11" D
* Head Angle: Fixed
* Power Source: UL/CE, Listed 12 V A/C Adapter, Input 100V~220V
* Setup: Less than 1 Min with no tools or extra equipment necessary.
* Compatibility: Use on all standard sized table tennis tables - 9' long 5' wide
* Warranty: Product includes a one-year warranty.

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Reviews (6)

corey1  on 4/9/2014

Cons: My verdict: don't even bother to spend the money to buy one - despite its reasonable price tag. Mine broke down in less than 10 hours of use. You might as well buy Newgy RoboPong 2050. It's a little pricey but it gives you value for your money. It is noisy & the static it creates gather dust like a magnet because of the rotating wheel. Pros: Reasonable price
swampthing3321  on 2/5/2012

Just got the machine, but have already noticed the following: The Good: - A two wheel machine at this price (this will come in handy in replicating human backspin whereas a single wheel imparts an unrealistic amount of chop to get the ball over the net) - The spin is enough to preform most drills - Machine can be moved on table or somewhere off of table to get the angle you want The Bad: - It seems to have some trouble hitting the same spot on the table with about a 20 degree variance from left to right (I'm thinking of putting some metal or cardboard to the left and right of the exit to improve it) - Occasionally two balls enter the loading chamber and both end up not returnable. The Mediocre/Workarounds: - Sometimes when very few balls are left they can rest on the center plate and will not eject. Tilting the whole machine by slightly shimming an edge will resolve this. - I may report back on making side plates to correct irregular ejection angles - The wheel motors appear to be small which means that they could be overworked. Breaks to allow cooling will probably prolong their life. - You can move the machine closer to the net and/or tilt it to get the ball where you want it at the desired spin/speed I think it is a good starter robot. Also, I built a returnboard, so in comparison, this robot is be easier to use and more beneficial.
Anonymous  on 12/15/2011

Purchased from here and got it in 3 days. That was a big surprise! When i set it up and started it didn't shoot the balls on the other side. I kept all the spins to 0. I think i have mixed 38mm and 40mm balls and it seem to fail for all 38mm balls. Some of the 40mm balls do go on the other side but not all. So contacting ipong.net to figure our what's going on. Not sure if it is a problem with the machine or the balls. Don't forge to order balls when you order the machine. Stay tuned for more updates. The construction material is not really great. Be careful while assembling or disassembling as it could break.
jmluat  on 9/6/2010

The JOOLA iPONG model I have is one of the newer models as it has a wired remote where the original did not. and has 3 different adjustable settings (topspin, backspin, and ball frequency) You can adjust the amount of spin and the ball frequency. Be aware though, this robot is best for beginners and players who don't want to spend a lot of money on a robot. I use it for exercising through FH and BH consistency drills.
Anonymous  on 12/14/2009

Used this extensively over the weekend at my club. Moderate topspin on "heavy" topspin setting. On underspin setting very little if any underspin. Useless for underspin practice. Speed of the ball is moderate and unchangeable, though the time between each ball can be turned up to an extremely fast level. The robot is easy to load, though it never uses up all the balls in the hopper. When reloading or moving it around the table (the best thing about it), if a ball falls down into the chute it causes a jam about 1 out of 5 times that was difficult to clear. The balls are delivered quite long and the only way to adjust this is to put something under the back edge to tilt it a bit forward. It seems to be set up for cross-court shots. Setting it up to go square to the table (such as a down the line shot) will result in about 1 out of 4 shots going long off the table. The machine is also quite noisy and since it is plastic, returned balls hitting it (which happens often) make a loud and annoying ping. If I owned one myself I'd wrap the thing in sponge or bubble wrap. Overall, not bad for practicing off the bounce blocks against topspin or slow loops off the table. For the price, that may be good enough, but don't expect much more.

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