JOOLA TT Buddy Pro

JOOLA TT Buddy Pro Robot
Approx. $ 245 USD
Price $

User Ratings (4)

Features 2.5   
Fewer features
Jam Resistance 5.5   
Rarely gets jammed
Durability 4.0   
Expected robot life
Ease Of Use 7.8   
Easy to use
Overall 7.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Programmable No
Adjustable Height No
Continuous Feed No
Wheels 1
Oscillates Yes
Mount Sits on Table
Take your game to the next level! The upgraded version of the unbelievably successful Buddy robot. Maintaining the futuristic design but in a stunning burgundy colour. The Buddy Pro has all of the fantastic capabilities of the Buddy but additionally has an integrated oscillator so that the ball can be directed to different parts of the table during the same programme. Users can adjust the speed and oscillation to suit their own needs. We definitely suggest that you also purchase the collection net to make your training sessions more fun. Another winner from JOOLA!

Reviews (3)

Jacco  on 8/22/2013

A good and cheap robot! U can use topspin, backspin and oscillation (that means it goes from fh to bh). And another setting is that u choose how often the balls have to come. In the lowest, the ball comes about 2 seconds after each other and in the highest they come really really fast and its hard to take all the balls. A bad thing is that when u play sometimes the robot changes spin suddenly for a ball or 2. So when u are playing on fh topspins, there can suddenly come a ball backspined or 2 and it goes straight down. For the price its a very good robot, sometimes it jam but thats easy to fix.
benxx  on 7/23/2013

Got mine halfway the month of June. The Pros: The remote works flawless and is easy to understand. Easy assembled. Good spin on the balls. The Cons: Ball trajectory isn't always the same so it takes some time to set it up right at the end of the table, a small wedge comes in handy sometimes. Construction wise the whole robot looks and feels flimsy, cheaply manufactured. Oscillator function does not live up to my expectation. Real color isn't as bright red as on the pictures (I know, it's cosmetic) Mine broke down after 4 or 5 sessions of approximately 1 hour and it's in repairs now for more than 6 weeks. Hopefully the repaired one will last must longer but with the fragile construction in mind I fear the worst. Used it in combination with a Joola retrieving net. I'll get back with this review after I tested my repaired robot. *update 1* After 9 weeks, the robot is still in repairs. Retailer is pointing at Joola, Joola is pointing at retailer. I'm stuck in the middle unfortunately. *update 2* Almost forgot to write again. I got it back in September, de middle part (the robot part) was new. After a few tries the problems were the same as with the first robot: Irregular flight paths and regular ball jams. I've sold the thing in March. I know, it wasn't expensive, but I really don't know how the robot has won some prizes.
Richie  on 2/22/2013

Time to time I use it in our local club, which is a Joola partner. It has limited gears, and no sidespin. Gets jammed time to time. When oscillating at max underspin about 20% of the balls are shot over the table. For it's price it is more than affordable fitness partner on boring days.

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