Newgy Robo-Pong 540

Newgy Robo-Pong 540 Robot
Approx. $ 299 USD
Price $

User Ratings (4)

Features 3.8   
Fewer features
Jam Resistance 6.5   
Rarely gets jammed
Durability 7.0   
Lasts a long time before any breaking down
Ease Of Use 7.8   
Easy to use
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Programmable No
Adjustable Height No
Continuous Feed No
Wheels 1
Oscillates No
Mount Sits on Table
Your first step to seeing how Table Tennis Robot practice can revolutionize your game. This model is ideal for recreational players and the budget-minded. Lower speed and frequency ranges and static delivery accommodate untrained strokes. Set on top of table and twist base to desired trajectory. Improved bucket design ensures reliable ball feed.

Package Includes:
Ball Thrower (No Oscillation)
Ball Bucket
Mini Control Box
Cable Clip
Connector Cable
Owner's Manual
48 Orange 40mm Robo-Balls (USA only)
Carton Size 26" x 15" x 13

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Also known as the Newgy Robopong 540.

Reviews (4)

pippy  on 8/23/2012

rewrite#1: 1 wheel type robot so it doesnt make no spin ball. but every kind of spin is available and the combos. and you can adjust the head to match the opponents blade angle. imo this is all you need for self practice because it is easy to fix if jammed - my problem was only the cable being coiled and then straightening it out which cut the motor. more features maybe more problems. After 6 years it is great and never broke down even when my kids threw it can you learn spin without one? the quality of spin/speed is not what you would get from a live opponent but thats why you play at the club. $ well spent and it doesnt talk back at you:)
Mr_Dunev  on 4/15/2011

I bought mine new from amazon for $99 through, NEWGY and i LOVE it. Its great for cheap practice, and you can't beat the price. I also bought a $60 joola net to catch the balls, which im still waiting for in the mail. Im sure it will be awesome!
bigbobnm  on 1/28/2011

I bought a Newgy 540 four months ago along with the ball bucket extender, Ipong catch net, a gross of 2 star Gambler practice balls, and a Stiga ballcatcher. I am very satisfied with all of these products and recommend them. I did, however, have some problems with the robot which I have now resolved. Perhaps relating my experiences, and the solutions, will be of assistance to others. The first problem was that the robot was jamming. This turned out to be due to dust and dirt which transferred from balls to the rubber throw wheel. The manual recommends that you wash new practice balls 2+ times. I found that even after doing that, that a yellow placque (all the practice balls are yellow) was accumulating on the throw wheel. So, I cleaned the wheel with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips and that resolved the problem for a time but the unit kept jamming after a few buckets worth of balls. I was also having a problem with balls getting stuck in the bottom and not being fed up the retrieval tube. Between the two types of problems I was getting frustrated. So, I decided to take the unit apart and clean it REALLY well. Fortuately the 540 easily comes apart into three main pieces the bucket, the clear outer retrieval tube, and the main unit itself. I cleaned it all with rubbing alcohol with special attention to the rubber throw wheel. And I cleaned the balls (2/3 Gambler two-star and 1/3 Newgy two-star) really well. I also changed how I used it. I tried not filling the entire bucket to the top of the extender basket but only to the level of the original plastic bucket. And, I used only clean balls. I have this all set up in my garage, and dust and dirt on the floor is plentiful and near impossible to keep swept up. But now, any ball that hits the floor is put into a separate basket for later cleaning. Balls that stay on the table or go into the net are reused with the robot. With this new strategy I have had near zero problems. Rarely a ball will get jammed, but I found that simply pushing it out from behind works and the unit returns to flawless throwing. I also found I can fill the basket to about 2 inches above the original plastic bucket with no problems but if I fill to the top of the extender basket the balls will sometimes (but not always) fail to be pulled up. If this happens a simple shake of the bucket usually relieves the problem. It is possible that where I live is part of the issue. I live in the Southwest where the humidity is typically below 10%. That may be affecting the rubber throw wheel, causing it to have less traction that if the humidity were higher. I had that problem once with a laser printer which would fail to feed paper correctly in NM but worked flawlessly in a higher humidity location. So now, having resolved these problems, I am happy with the unit. I have found, however, that the sidespin and underspin settings put WAY too much spin on the ball, far more spin than humans put on the ball. The topspin setting puts mild topspin on the ball which I find perfect for my practice sessions. Overall, I think the Newgy 540 is a great little robot for developing and improving basic shots. For beginners, all you need is a robot which delivers the ball with the same speed, angle, and trajectory and this robot does that. I suspect I'll move to a robot with more features in a year or two, I've already begun to wish for more speed and programmable drills. Meanwhile, I like to put the robot close to the net and have it hit balls directly at me at maximum speed (70 mph). This helps develop blocks and topspin returns of very hard shots. I alternate between forehand and backhand returns which makes me move and helps with footwork.
Anonymous  on 8/17/2010

The only real concern is the cable connecting the robot and the control box--I think there is a fracture of some degree but if I straighten it out it runs. Also the speed knob on the box has worn out so I sometimes have to reset and twist again. It does not jam frequently if the bucket is properly connected to the robot. In fact I haven't had a jam for a long time. When I first got it I didn't load all the balls in it so there wasn't enough for it to scoop up. Cleaning: Haven't used it long enough yet to order the Newgy cleaner but I wash the balls. No spin balls: none It's great for a rec player like me and has made me a better player. 540 is basically the same as the more expensive versions just less parts to screw up, thats why I chose it.

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