Oukei E1A

Oukei E1A Robot
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Programmable No
Continuous Feed No
Wheels 2
Oscillates Yes
Mount Sits on Table
This model operates with 40+ (poly) balls and 40mm celluloid balls. They cannot be mixed in the same session.

Includes a ball collection net - saves you from picking balls from the floor.

⢠Equipped with a remote control.
⢠Double Spin Technology ensures different degrees of speed, curve and spin are served.
⢠3 spin modes to choose: Topspin, backspin and no spin (straight).
⢠Serving Frequency: 35-70 balls/minute
⢠Serving Speed : 3-30 meters/second
⢠Features and functions: 3 serving modes, 3 landing points and 3 different spins.

⢠Fixed mode: Various kinds of serves land continuously at one point to be chosen from 3 possible points as desired by the player.
⢠Random Mode: Balls land randomly on 3 possible points across the court.
⢠Free Mode: Serves will land freely on any random point on the entire width of the court.
⢠Voltage: 110-220V

Equipped with an auto-protection system to protect the robot from overload when there are damaged balls or other items causing a ball jam. The robot can continuously be operated for a long period of time as the material for all parts does not generate and absorb heat.

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