Power Pong 5000

Power Pong 5000 Robot
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Manufacturer Details
Programmable Yes
Adjustable Height No
Wheels 2
Oscillates Yes
The Power Pong 5000 can be operated with both the new control box or your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

App Features V1.0

• Create drills with up to 8 unique balls.
• Speed, spin, and placement of each ball can be adjusted individually.
• Set a ball’s placement just by dragging it on the screen.
• The ball’s trajectory is automatically calculated using the given speed, spin. and placement.
• Players can share their favorite drills with their friends.
• Coaches can share drills with their students to practice at home.
• Sort your drills using customizable tags.
• Search for drills using tags, drill names, or common properties like spin type or ball count.
• Randomize drills for irregular play or mirror drills for opposite handed players.
• Run drills at up to 120 balls per minute for any duration.

The app will be updated and improved over time and customers will receive free updates.

About PowerPong
Power Pong robots are made by the same Hungarian manufacturer that makes robots for other brands like Butterfly. In fact, their models map to Butterfly's (Power Pong 3001 is comparable to Amicus Professional and Power Pong 5000 is comparable to Amicus Prime). Power Pong robots come with an excellent warranty and are supported by reliable US-based technical support service.

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