TTmatic 404 A

TTmatic 404 A Robot
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Mount Full-size Self-standing
The natural flight of balls, the minimum time for setting up the machine, and the easy handling combine to make this robot an indispensable assistant to every trainer. Using the electric remote control, you can program innumerable variations of drills to hone your table tennis strokes. With one quick turn, you can change the rotating head from chop to sidespin or topspin. The large net, together with the perfect automatic ball returner, guarantees uninterrupted training. The 404 is the successor to the Ttmatic 402 and has a more functional design and easier handling.

Features: robot has its own stand, remote control, topspin/backspin, Power Spin Tech, topsin plus, 360 degree sidespin, four settings for side-to-side oscillation angular distance, ball container under table holds 100 balls, up to 100 balls per minute, Profi A net (120 cm tall, covers 70 cm of side of table) attaches to table.

Programmable attributes: more/less spin, short/long, stop/start, oscillation stop/start, random short/long, random oscillation.

The 404 is also available in a B-version. The B-version of a Ttmatic robot has a Profi B net: The net is attached to the robot rather than to the table, so you can remove the robot from the table in a few seconds.

Ttmatic has been manufacturing high-end table tennis robots since 1974. Ttmatic is synonymous with easy handling, quality electronics, solid construction, two-year warranties, and exceptional customer support.

All Ttmatic robots are equipped with the Power Spin Tec (PST) system. Power and spin can be adjusted independently of each other, and the system produces balls with the natural flight demanded by players and coaches.

TTmatic robots are covered by a 2-year warranty.

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