Friendship/729 Battle II

Friendship/729 Battle II Rubber
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User Ratings (32)

Speed 8.7
Spin 9.2
Control 9.0
Tackiness 9.3   
Very tacky
Weight 5.6   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 8.0   
Medium hard
Gears 8.6   
Many gears
Throw Angle 6.1   
Medium high
Consistency 8.4
Durability 7.8   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 11
Spin 12
Control 12
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 16 users using the Friendship/729 Battle II.
Latest 729 rubber Battle II is designed for professional power loopers at the forehand. Relatively harder sponge with great top spin kick at the same time having great control. This tacky rubber applied the special integration technology so that the attachment of the top sheet to the sponge is optimized. Just released !

Reviews (18)

kourosz  on 5/13/2016

This is my first try of Battle II, so I need more time to conclude, but in overall this is a very good rubber. I should mention that I'm a top grade player in my state. Recently, I decided to change my equipment from Euro/Japanese rubbers to Chinese because of new plastic balls. So, I have tested many Chinese tacky rubbers from different companies even the National versions. At the end, I found this rubber as my No 1 choice and DHS Hurricane 8 as No 2. I'm using a Stiga Infinity VPS blade and I haven't tested the rubber on other blades. Grip/Tackiness: High Forehand loop on topspin: Very consistent. You can hardly miss. Forehand loop against backspin: Very Easy. This is the best rubber I have ever tried. In practice, I had only 5 mistakes out of 100 in a row. Serve: Again the best rubber in my opinion. Short serves can be produced with huge spin. Return of Serve: Very good. Hurricane 8 is slightly better. Speed: It's not a super fast rubber, but reasonable. If you are an offensive player, you'll have no problem. It's obviously faster than Hurricane 8 and most of Euro/Japanese rubbers when looping. Look: Quite impressive for a $20 rubber. The characteristics still the same as the first day after 3 weeks. I guess it will last for another 3 weeks at least. Production quality: I found an inconsistency in the top edge of the rubber after cut. I believe it's because of vacuum and packaging. Hopefully the next ones won't have this problem. I'm using this rubber without any booster. I guess it will be even better in this case. I recommend it to all offensive loopers. Conclusion: One of the best rubbers for forehand and offensive players. Very consistent and forgiving. The only downside is when you smash or send a strong fast loop. I know this is because of the change from Euro rubbers. Now, I'm more comfortable in comparison to 3 weeks ago. Except from this issue, Battle II is a fantastic rubber and I'm enjoying table tennis more than the past.
asga  on 1/13/2018

UPDATE: This rubber is the best and trendiest Chinese rubber I have ever used on forehand. Maybe tuned Faster Fenghun 2.2 is equally strong on other merits. Absolutely monstrous for the ABS ball with Falco Booster for full fledged power looping shots. Boosted on a fast blade probably the best 729 rubber for the plastic ball era. kourosz' review above is very accurate and thorough, although I find the flat hit smashes very fast and feel no speed limit disadvantage in this respect. Battle 2 is surprisingly light considering its sponge density. I had some fears it would be as heavy as 729-08 or DHS Hurricane NEO 2, but I was totally wrong, This is an advantage for most players. Battle 2 is e.g. much lighter and way better in all respects than 729-08 and likely 729-08 es too. Battle 2 requires full commitment and determination of all shots, but then you get much reward. My Battle 2 has the same characteristics after 1.5 months but then I protect it in plastic and clean the surface very often. The rubber is a favorite due to its overall character of adaption to poly balls, low price -->change often, nice cunning and diving loops, nasty kicks on slow loops, fast enough overall, huge back spin possible on e.g. serves which gives many "easy" points. Battle 2 is very enjoyable and a great if you like Chinese polyball era rubbers.
Lightzy  on 12/19/2017

My favorite rubber out of all that I tried. MUCH tackier than hurricane3 and neo3 and significantly faster while still being a very chinese rubber (tacky, hard, linear. It's just that it's linearity has more grades, it can go from barely moving the ball to very fast). Consistency between several sheets was good, always very tacky (red just as much as black by the way), and lasts a long time with care and cleaning. Mine is 2 months old, still as good as day 1. Spin in serve, loop and chop is strong, touch play is the best there is and, i didnt expect it, but direct shots are very fast with satisfying sound. No brushing motion needed. It is an actually fast rubber. It never fails to grab the ball just that little bit more than any other rubber and control is also phenomenal. It doesn't shoot the ball of your racket for you, you have to do that, but that's the whole point of playing this kind of rubber. In return you get better control and much better spin at low speeds than any other rubber. Probably the perfect rubber for me. Give it a try, youll fall inlove.
Yarer  on 1/4/2018

Best most sticky chinese rubber but also fast! Stickiness makes it easy to control in close slice and to serve it is so easy! the stickiness keeps the ball on the rubber a brief moment longer and spin is strong! But sometimes you buy and it is a bit less sticky or a bit more sticky but always very sticky and gets more sticky if you let the rubber rest with covering for a week, good as new even after long use
rsalv83  4 months ago

Great rubber with very respectable speed and great spin. Using red 2.1mm as a FH rubber and am very happy with it. The tackiness has remained pretty much the same after about 4 months of playing 7-8 hours a week. Pairs well with my OFF blade but you'd better have good technique because it is pacier than most Chinese rubbers and is noticeably faster than my 729-08 black 2.1mm. Has been great for my spin offensive forehand and I highly recommend this rubber!

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