Friendship/729 FX EL Super Soft

Friendship/729 FX EL Super Soft Rubber
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User Ratings (41)

Speed 6.5
Spin 8.0
Control 8.7
Tackiness 5.2   
Medium tacky
Weight 3.2   
Sponge Hardness 2.6   
Medium soft
Gears 4.7   
Throw Angle 3.8   
Consistency 8.4
Durability 7.2   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 7.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Spin 9.7 / 10
Control 9.5 / 10
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 9 users using the Friendship/729 FX EL Super Soft.
Power through Loop and Spin

Thinner Topsheet to enhance speed

Softer Sponge for Excellent touch and control

Reduced in Weight

Increased Dwell time for Maximum Spin placement

Profound glue effect

Perfect Marriage of European Style attack and Chinese Quick Attack

Reviews (26)

Homework  on 7/5/2019

I use this rubber for FH chopping and attacking, but mostly chopping. (1.8mm) I find it very easy to control my chops and make my attacks go over the net. Recommended for begginers/intermediate players.
windoughboywin  on 11/16/2018

Was playing with Spinlord marder and wanted to try something even cheaper as I play a lot. I perfer soft rubber so I ordered this. I was disappointed at first because this rubber is very hard and calling it soft is a joke. However as a close to table blocker I love this rubber. I have in a 1.2 and it is very controlable with lots of gears. Awesome for control and placement. I found it to be average in serving, it is spinny but nothing special. The low throw makes this awesome for close table play. If it is as durable as others say it will be my go to rubber.
ammofreak  on 11/1/2017

I wanted a more controlling rubber, this is very good for the money. I put it on Dr Neubauer Barricade blade making it one of the slowest setup but if I execute shot correctly, ball goes very fast. Short pushes got better, backhand and forehand flicks got better, loops are very forgiving. Put more effort in your swing to get the best, fast and low loops. Very good setup for a learning player. USATT- 1450
gopens8771  on 7/23/2015

As a beginner i used this on my forehand. I found many of my topspins going into the net. serving was amazing.
chickenboy408  on 2/5/2015

NOT SOFT, more Medium. VERY VERY SLOW and we talkin bout a max rubber. Ball doesnt go over the net even with a regular stroke using an OFF+ blade (epox donic topspeed) only bought it coz it was $7 on TT11... save your money... for food

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