999 Super 999T

999 Super 999T Rubber
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User Ratings (45)

Speed 7.6
Spin 9.1
Control 9.0
Tackiness 8.9   
Weight 7.2   
Sponge Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Gears 7.4   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.1   
Medium high
Consistency 7.0
Durability 6.8   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 11 users using the 999 Super 999T.
999T Type Pips-In Table Tennis / Ping Pong Rubber with Sponge.

The 999 sponge rubber retains the characteristics of outstanding adhesiveness and superior spin of Chinese sponge rubbers and also possesses the merits of extra speed and super control .
According to experience of authoritative technical experts of the Chinese table-tennis team , this newly developed 999 sponge rubber is suitable for speed-attack and loop-drive players .

Reviews (28)

tt3000  on 7/24/2017

Written in 2014. Latest update on 7/24/2017. Holy cow from outer space. What a rubber! Back then sent as an advertising gift by Eacheng, and glued on my c-pen Hao 656 without expectations, it immedeately became one of my favourite FH rubbers. Right out of the "box" the amount of tackiness already was outstanding. After treating its topsheet with some rapeseed oil the adhesiveness truly became insane. Holds the ball until the cows come home. In terms of playability the Super 999-T is an excellent ALL+ to OFF- rubber. Easy to play with, and you can easily generate any kinds and tons of spin. Topspin, backspin, anyspin. Can do spinny serves, and it also grips the 40+ poly ball well. Even untuned the pace is good. With a suitable OFF blade you should be able to generate good speed. The cream-white Chinese sponge (2.2 mm, 44/45 deg) to me feels very comfortable. 45 sounds hard, but it this case it isn't. Compared with the DHS scale this sponge feels more 38ish. High density, definitely more on the harder side, but not as rock-hard and recalcitrant as like many other Chinese sponges. Got a nice buttery feel. The ball digs and accelerates with linear controlability. Now that thing regarding durability ... Unfortunately the durability is not very good :-( IT'S OUTSTANDING :-) So I update that rating to MAX. In the meantime the Hao 656 became my backup blade/paddle, and the S999T stays on it. This sweet rubber lasts a long time! Beautiful and inexpensive FH device. You really can't go wrong with a Super 999-T.
kleifheit13  on 12/6/2015

This rubber is monster tacky in both red and black, way beyond Hurricanes and 729. This is differently tacky too, it isn't really affected by humidity so the 999T plays the same in all conditions. I play an all-round style with equal usage of most all shots in the game and this rubber has helped me improve all of them. Speed is definitely there when you need it; however, the rubber does not do the work for you so stroke mechanics are paramount. Spin is monstrous, by far the spinniest rubber I've ever seen, yet no-spin shots are still possible. Super 999T was a great investment and I don't plan on using anything else anytime soon!
darkermylove  on 1/23/2017

999T is SLOW & Tacky & pretty heavy. Not super hard & it does NOT have a 'dead' feeling. The Good: it's slow. This is good since you will make less errors & if you play w/o hesitation and make correct full strokes the ball will go in. I say full strokes because w/faster rubbers we have a tendency to make a half effort.. If we are worried about the catapult or the speed/spin of your opponent's ball we tend to just try to make a half block/swing & the angle of your bat will essentially be the luck of the draw as to whether you can get the ball in. W/ this rubber you can make an active block w/confidence make good placements to keep your opponent defensive. The Bad: it's slow. Keeping the ball on the table isn't the same as winning the point. Advanced players have the footwork & power to keep attacking. But I tend to win many more games with this slow rubber than Euro rubbers. The Good: SPIN for days. Serves have a crazy amount of spin. (If you're a crappy server nothing will help you except more practice) Here you have a slow rubber that you can put massive amount of spin. 3rd ball attack w/ a slow spinny ball? Yes Sir! Brush looping is when you will see the speed. Brush loops will get you than nice arc and 'kick' on your opponent's side. Speed is there with this rubber but you need to hit the ball w/ some force. Short game is GREAT. You can do effortless pushes to keep the ball low and short. But you can also engage the tackiness and put some serious underspin on the ball to change the pace & depth. Against no-spin serves or serves with not much spin you can do a "chop push" that is super low, fast and "deep". 999T is good "lower intermediate" rubber that you can even play until advanced. I feel this rubber gives a lot of the benefits of TACKY rubbers w/o the fear of bat angle that comes with some DHS rubbers. There's zero catapult effect. Strong strokes will give you plenty of speed & you will have the confidence to hit them.
Baraka552  on 11/10/2018

So I ordered it at Ali for like 5$/piece. I expected that it would be more tacky. However, for me it was surprisingly fast. Maybe that's due to some unusual glue I used, but who knows. My blade was wooden only. And it's heavy, man! Putting 2 sheets on a single blade made my racket weighing 197 gramms!
maryusilie  on 1/11/2017

Today i've played with it on Andro fibercomp def II, has good spin on serves, chops, topspin, but the throw angle is not High. You have to use to it, but control is super, even in passive play, the ball doesn't bounce in other durection, so it isn't spin reactive. Hope it will resist in time, otherwise very good rubber.

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