Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX

Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX Rubber
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User Ratings (25)

Speed 8.6
Spin 9.0
Control 9.1
Tackiness 1.6   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.3   
Sponge Hardness 3.9   
Medium soft
Gears 8.9   
Many gears
Throw Angle 5.5   
Medium high
Consistency 9.8
Durability 8.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 5 users using the Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX.
Perform Like Hell / Magic Spin

Spin, feeling, consistency, control.
Create magic spin: The advanced, on the plastic ball designed top sheet made of 100%
natural rubber, allows maximum spin and magical trajectories.
Experience amazing control: The sponge of 42,5° equipped with small sized pores provides a high failure tolerance and consistency in all shots.
Superb comfort in play through excellent balance of all elements.
For players with a variable style setting highest value on spin, control and stability in all their strokes.

Reviews (5)

GeralDINO  5 months ago

the current overall rating of this rubber is almost ridiculous. The Powergrip SFX can be found at the same spin level as the Grip SFX and beyond that both rubbers are also significantly faster than specified !!!!!! ... Spin monster with outstanding control !!!!!!! - at first, I fell in love with the Grip SFX ;-), ... but now I fell unfaithful, because of the harder Powergrip SFX. ;-P The weight of this harder version in black, with 1,7 mm sponge, is ("extra light" selected) 94 g packed and 61 g uncut ! ( - normally he´s round about 5 g heavier !!!) After a longer test phase (4 months) with various rubbers, on various woods (Carbon, ALC, Super ZLC), I can finally finish my odyssey !!! In recent years, I have played no rubber, that has produced so much rotation. (- and there was even a Tenergy 05 among others !!!) Due to the introduction of the ABS ball, i was looking for a new forehand rubber, that gives the ABS ball the rotation I was used to. Because rubbers with a sponge hardness of 45 degrees or more obviously do not match my playful level, my choice fell too of a more offensive, harder blade !!! With this harder blade, I now have a similar wonderful game feeling as before !!! (- Btfl. Timo Boll ALC with the Joola Rhyzm-Tech in 2 mm.) Conclusion: Now (since one month) I prefer the harder Powergrip SFX (with 1.7 mm thickness) on a Zhang Jike Super ZLC replica (which is a bit softer as my Mizutani Replica) and therefore better harmonizing with the Zhang Jike replica !!!! In my opinion, the speed by the Powergrip SFX is a little bit higher as by the Grip SFX. The spin is equally outstanding, as well as the control !!! I can only recommend to anyone to try these both new Hexer SFX rubbers. THANK YOU Andro. ADDENDUM: Both rubbers are undoubtedly suitable for the backhand as well as the forehand. Whether in active or passive game, every game situation (including service) can be mastered with great certainty. INSANITY !!!!!
Blockinator3000  11 months ago

This rubber is inbetween the Hexer Grip SFX and the regular Hexer Grip. It offers slightly more speed than the Grip SFX while maintaining a similar amount, yet slightly less, grip and control. I feel it lacks a bit of power to really kill balls (compared to most of the modern, harder tensor rubbers at least) due to the softer sponge and topsheet. Think this is a great rubber for players who focus on a controlled, spin based game.
dendy_dendz  8 months ago

I use blade Yinhe Galaxy T8-s. Right handed & offensive style. Rubber AHPGsfx for my FH & R47 for BH. Very good set-up for me. AHPGsfx has amazing max spin & control. Speed is not my main concern, due to my blade is having it a lot. Always return a short & long ball with perfect direction as my target. Chop block is great as well. Price is good enough, compare to other brands for sure. Overall, this rubber is amazing. Worth to have. Keep moving !
warutebae  on 7/24/2019

It is very good for spinning and blocking. I can block any smashing and topspin balls from my partners more than 80% .When I make backspin , They cannot lift from the net as usual.
Doddy  on 6/19/2019

My first impression after I put APGsfx on my Carbonado 245 blade, it was a little bit heavy I was pair with Yasaka Valmo on the backhand wing approx 189 gr. Well if it's really heavy what do I want to say. This morning I played close to the table, WOW amazing, blocking is very nice, counter attack is powerfull, smash is hardy fast, spin is very easy and really magic, I got extra spin feeling. I judge it is more powerfull than T05 hard and I give 95 for speed and 97 for spin, control 10. Please do not miss to try.

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