Andro Hexer Powergrip

Andro Hexer Powergrip Rubber
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User Ratings (33)

Speed 9.2
Spin 9.4
Control 9.2
Tackiness 1.1   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.3   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.8   
Medium hard
Gears 9.0   
Many gears
Throw Angle 5.7   
Medium high
Consistency 9.8
Durability 8.6   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 6 users using the Andro Hexer Powergrip.
Perform Like Hell / Magic Spin Spin, power, consistency, precision. Perform like hell: The 47.5 ° hard sponge with large pores creates catapult and power for a variety of spin and tempo strikes. Create magic spin: The advanced, plastic ball-optimized top sheet made of 100% natural rubber allows maximum spin and magical flight curves. Constancy and precision through perfectly matched sponge and rubber components. Ideal to kick the plastic ball with more quality. For players who understand spin and precision as the ultimate basis for their modern topspin game.

Reviews (7)

ondrashorak  on 10/3/2018

Andro Hexer Grip has a porous sponge with a hardness of 45 degrees and a significant green color. I had a red square, a sponge thickness 1.9 mm and a weight of 66 grams. Andro Hexer PowerGrip is his stronger sibling whose most distinctive paper difference is a harder sponge. It has 47.5 degrees, smaller pores and of course the green color. I tested a black square with 2.1 mm sponge and a weight of 70 grams. I was keen especially about the Hexer Grip, because it (at least for me) fills a gap in a range of Rasanters. I tested the rubbers on the seven-ply Butterfly SK7. Glued with TSP Bio Fix. The first impression while playing were positive. The rubbers played absolutely steadily, well balanced. Spin potential of the rubbers is enormous. In terms of stiffness, I would say that the topsheet is at the bottom of the medium hardness, it is not sticky, but it is quite adherent. Topspins are really easy to play, I was getting more and more sureness to play the opening topspin from BH. Overally, I would say that my confidence increased in BH topspin game. Topspin from the FH side was steady. The contratopspins were extremely safe. Overally I thought the ideal space was rather closer to the table up to mid-range. Generally, for both rubbers (and more generally not just these two rubbers) the deeper a ball sink into the rubber the more controlled ball you get. Adapting to short play wasn´t problematic thanks to the similarities of rubbers I am used to. The softer Hexer Grip is slightly slower, with excellent control and a slightly higher arc. It has higher tolerance for mistakes. Ideal for players who are developing and want to increase their confidence and self-esteem in the strokes they are drilling. Hexer Powegrip is faster, sharper with a slightly lower arc. It's really the faster brother of the Grip, the rubbers are very close to each other. I think these rubbers are absolutely amazing substitution of older Hexers with all modern elements of todays game style.
gwirthsipp  7 months ago

Rubber is very new in my testing phase. Works fabolous with Andro Novacell OFF blade on BH. Spin and spin opening is outstanding. 1st topspin mostly doesn't come back from same levelled players. And that with polyball, very surprising. Blocking, chopping and smashing is also working well and very controllable. Test on other blades is still running. Feedback and results against better skilled players will come the next time.
IB66  6 months ago

Hexer Powergrip, black, max sponge on backhand, mounted on Tibhar balsa defence 25 blade, R53 on forehand. An excellent rubber, reasonably fast, great spin, control and good feeling, sponge is medium hard 47.5, similar to Tibhar MXP and MXS, more so the MXS for overall feel. I have changed from the MXS on my backhand to the Hexer Powergrip (HPG), I feel that the difference between the two rubbers is hardly noticeable, they both play very similarly. The softer sponge on the HPG gives more feel than the R53, spin is equal to the R53, speed is less but still plenty quick enough. HPG is definitely more forgiving than the R53. Spin is good on serves, pushing and chops are good with excellent control, blocking can be fast and positive or you can reduce the speed for a soft block. Blocking heavy spinning opening loops requires good technique. Backhand loops/topspins are good, with good spin, drives have to be played slightly more cautiously as the catapult effect from the sponge starts to kick in with harder shots, balls can go off the end a the table. Technique requires a slightly more closed face. Andro has produced another great rubber that is up there with the MXP’s and MXS’s. If you had an un marked or blank sheet of MXS and HPG you may struggle to tell the difference!!!
CikLanBunian  on 7/18/2019

i used powergrip on my FH, it can produce spinny serve, medium throw angel when drive, spin with feel natural. although the spec stat that the sponge is 47.5deg, it feel softer than that.
darkermylove  on 2/12/2019

I'm using Hexer Powergrip (2.1mm) on my backhand now (previously using it on both sides--using Tenergy 05 on fh). It's a really good rubber and after playing with Rakza 7 for many years it was a good upgrade. It has easy access to spin on lower powered shots like 'warming up' or slow looping against backspin. Very stable on harder shots with good speed. It's not a speed demon like the Rasanter R47 or Tenergy 05 (2.1mm). I would say it lacks a 'top speed' that comes from a "catapult effect" that R47 or Tenergy gives. So on counter looping close to table or counter looping beyond mid-distance Tenergy 05 is faster and has more spin. Tenergy 05 would have less access to "spin" on slower/more passive shots. The topsheet is very grippy (not tacky) so serving and aggressive pushes are quite easy. But the topsheet is not as grippy as Tenergy 05. So I can get more spin even on short serves with T05. Perhaps I am just used to a sponge hardness that is around 47 degrees but I find it quite easy to block with Powergrip. I find Powergrip to have more emphasis on spin than speed so that makes it easier to control. The spin generated on normal looping does remind me a lot of Tenergy. So this means it is more for looping rather than flat hitting. One concern might be weight. It is just as heavy as Tenergy 05.

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