Andro Rasanter V42

Andro Rasanter V42 Rubber
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 9.2
Spin 9.1
Control 9.3
Tackiness 1.8   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 3.9   
Medium soft
Gears 8.9   
Many gears
Throw Angle 4.4   
Consistency 10.0
Durability 9.1   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Andro Rasanter V42.

Reviews (6)

Alvinspin  on 12/21/2017

Perfect Backhand Rubber , can do blocking and backspin comfortably. It is very light rubber so easy to control and smash iss sweeet.
Kevin09  on 6/29/2018

easy to play with. really love the grip and superb speed.
srikant  5 months ago

super rubber .. i am using with DHS pg7 blade. Previously i was having Mark V and hurricane 3 on Pg7. So i can say it pretty faster than Mark V. AND i have Aurus prime and 5Q rubber on Samsonov Pro black blade, but Andro rasant V42 feels faster with pg7 than 5Q on Samsonov blade. This rating i have given by comparing to mark V
jerryk  8 months ago

Using 2.0mm on backhand on a Yasaka Sweden Extra blade. Very good for launching top spin attacks. Able to generate plenty of spin on serves. Excellent control and feeling. Very consistent. Good also for pushing and in defence. Good close to table and further away. Plenty fast enough to finish points. Super backhand rubber.
illumind  on 8/17/2019

The rubber Adam Bobrow (in 2019) chooses to use on both wings. I tried it on my Nittaku Acoustic and Andro Wanokiwami AO OFF. Spin similar to Vega Europe with a very slightly lower throw angle, but V42 is faster and with a thicker sponge. Lifting heavy backspin I'd prefer higher throw, but if you're after a lower/medium throw angle, decent control, med/soft sponge with good speed, then it's a solid choice. Possibly plays a bit like Hexer+ but with a thicker sponge and thinner top sheet - more zing. However it's been a few years since I've used Hexer+, and on a different blade... I agree with 'Alvinspin' review about it being enjoyable for smashes, and any form of well struck top spin counters, ideally above the table as there isn't much in the way of net clearance for below table loops. Top sheet is of very high quality and likely harder than say a Hexer+ top sheet, so durability shouldn't be an issue, while sponge seems solid enough for it's duro of 42 degrees.

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