Andro Rasanter V47

Andro Rasanter V47 Rubber
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User Ratings (21)

Speed 9.3
Spin 9.1
Control 9.0
Tackiness 1.2   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.9   
Sponge Hardness 6.6   
Medium hard
Gears 8.3   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.3   
Medium high
Consistency 9.0
Durability 8.5   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 2 users using the Andro Rasanter V47.

Reviews (6)

Dotek  5 months ago

Been using the rubber on my Butterfly Diode V blade despite the V for speed it still is able to loop well. The serves are not as spinny as I would like but, they do get the job done. Smashes are great, anything popped up just a little high is killed easily. I can't really chop well with this rubber but it may just be my technique. Pushes are also very low and spinny, gotta be careful though sometimes they can net if you're not careful.
Leonis  on 7/24/2018

Switched from Hammond pro B which is a control machine but lacks a little in speed and spin after about 20 hours of use when not boosted. I use this on my BH and I was mostly looking for something faster that I could powerloop off the table with and still have a strong presence close to the net/table. This is for sure a good choice (I have the 2.3 max) if you do flicks, counterhits, and smashes close to the table and loop mid to far from the table. The speed is ridiculous and you can still get good amounts of spin when the technique is right. Would not recommend if you just like to loop and focus on spinny serves, for that I suggest the R47 which is what I have on my forehand in 2.3 max. The V47 serves are okay but I have had trouble keeping them short might be since I prefer FH serves and practice more with the R47. Great rubber if you want straight, flat and incredibly fast shots. I use it on the andro ligna off blade.
BMX2  on 12/12/2017

Less spin than bluefire M2,but more speed and control.Overall a good rubber.
ijuin  on 7/14/2017

Got this rubber when it first roll out in Japan few months ago replacing my Xiom Omega Euro IV, can instantly feel a lot more control, bit more speed but not drastically heavier. Very fast rubber with great control. one is on my Butterfly Mizutani Jun blade, which plays like a dream in control. My other one is on my JOOLA Bomb Extrem, its REALLY fast .... find it hard to do short chops, not sure if its the blade or the rubber causing this. I have swapped it on to my Nittaku Kasumi Basic blade, it plays like a control dream along with great speed! amazing rubber overall, I hope they will never discontinue this.
Mhanafi  on 2/6/2018

The Speed king! Tad bit faster than th MXP!

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