Andro Rocket Medium

Andro Rocket Medium Rubber
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 7.9
Spin 7.3
Control 8.4
Tackiness 0.7   
Completely non-tacky
Weight 3.3   
Sponge Hardness 5.0   
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 3.2   
Consistency 6.0
Durability 6.7   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 7.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 97 / 120
Spin 100 / 120
Control 87 / 120
Tensor No
Anti No
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andro extends the successful ROCKET series. With improved surface structure the ROCKET series are the benchmark for all classic pimples inside rubbers. andro ROCKET MEDIUM has a medium hard sponge and gives a sensitive stroke to the player. Above all the spin-offensive player will feel true joy with this rubber. ROCKET MEDIUM -- our recommendation for all class players acting with middle fast arm movements.

Recommendation: for players of all levels
Philosophy: powerful sound with speed gluing
Density: medium pimples inside

Reviews (5)

powerlefty  on 10/10/2011

Nothing special. Plays like a dead sriver.
bhp  on 6/27/2011

It's just a step in rubbers, you can get easyly more from other rubbers, but for growing is good option. It's a good trick if you want to change from european rubbers to chinesse rubbers
Slowless  on 12/11/2010

Rocket medium is a very good rubber if your game is very slow, even in speed or spin. If you are the kind of players who use to wait a moment before attacking, it could stay in your blade. It is very slow, and the spin, I think it is of that rubbers that you need to hit hard to get some spin. It's control is good, I mean like a Neos Tacky.
Puck  on 5/17/2010

A good rubber. Easy to use for learners, good for speed and control, a little less for spin. Recommended for an allround player.
atombombed  on 12/20/2009

really good rubber reccomended to create good spin and diversity in play ideal for chopping also amazing atack

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