Avalox Sogno 40

Avalox Sogno 40 Rubber
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After years of research, a breakthrough in Japanese sponge technology made the development of SOGNO possible. â Right out of the package, it delivers elasticity and a restitution factor so far associated only with the speed glueing process. The soft, grippy top sheet was carefully formulated to match the sponge's capabilities, and the combination produces the sound, feel and performance that was lost with the speed glue ban. The sponge/top sheet combination is capable of extreme dynamics, making super slow drop shots as simple to play as penetrating power loops. â For the first time since the glue ban, players don't have to settle for just the energy of that process. SOGNO delivers that, combined with vastly improved control, feel and sound. SOGNO is best suited for the modern, European-style contact, using much wood.

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