Bomb Bombard Hard (43-46°)

Bomb Bombard Hard (43-46°) Rubber
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Speed 8.5
Spin 8.1
Control 7.5
Tackiness 3.5   
Medium tacky
Weight 6.4   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 9.3   
Gears 4.8   
Throw Angle 2.8   
Medium low
Consistency 5.0
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 110 / 127
Spin 125 / 127
Control 110 / 127
Tensor Yes
Anti No
Bomb Bombard(43-46°) Pips-In Table Tennis Ping Pong Rubber with Sponge

I. Best Solution to the difficulty of the interaction between speed and control
The interaction between speed and control is a never-solved problem to the ordinary rubber--great speed but bad control; or better control but low speed. BOMB Tension Rubber Series--BOMB Bombard Tension(Inner High Energy Explosion Type) achieves the ideal interaction--top speed+best control.

II. Totally independent from speed glue
The inner high energy of BOMB Bombard Tension makes the rubber keep a continuous explosive effect produced by TENSION, achieving the total independence from the speed glue and saving the regular trouble of using glue. It is proved that: without speed glue, BOMB Bombard Tension alone can achieve the same superior effect as the ordinary rubber used with speed glue. However when used together with the speed glue, the effect from BOMB Bombard Tension(Inner High Energy Explosion Type) is unimaginably amazing.
Speed: 110
Spin: 125
Control: 110
Elasticity: ++
Inner power: +++
Anti aging: ++
Hardness: 43-46
Thickness: Max

Reviews (5)

hagupi  on 12/18/2014

Played about 6 months with it on my Stiga all cr pen FH, really liked it at the beginning and then slowly got fed up with. The spin you can give to the ball just suddenly vanish and the rubber became a brick from one day to the other, didn't got the time to feel it died. Maybe the one i got was from a bad batch but not my style of rubber indeed due to lack of control.
GCATT  on 12/19/2012

had this on a butterfly off blade.. flys off with power on my BH Didnt like thsi on my FH.. Too hard produces rarely no spin compared to some rubbers Recommend this for begineer or someone with a strong forehand after a few months the ball goes straight into the net whilst blocking, you have to punch to block Durability not very good though (Y) But nice and cheap fo a b/h rubber! Very old rubber too! :)
seguso  on 8/2/2011

Compared to Hurricane 3, this has a much softer topsheet and a harder sponge. Throw is medium-low, like 729 classic or Hurricane 2. Speed is medium. The topsheet has some kind of tension technology.
Anonymous  on 11/8/2010

great value for money will work for intermediate to county plus standard player
Darren Rapacchi  on 7/21/2010

Had this in Black 2.2mm on the FH of my Yinhe MC-1 blade. A very fast driving rubber offering very good spin. Sponge is made for speed gluing but on ebay at under £7.00 great value for money. Unfortunatley when I was removing from blade after 15 hours of training the sponge split and also pulled ply's from my blade. Otherwise the rubber looked like new, loops very well to but gives a low throw angle. WARNING...This rubber when new and taken out of the packet gives of high smelling fumes, gave me a bad headache, went after I cleaned it with warm water on a clothe.

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