Bomb Violent (Common Type)

Bomb Violent (Common Type) Rubber
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User Ratings (3)

Speed 6.3
Spin 4.0
Control 6.3
Tackiness 2.0   
Slightly tacky
Weight 10.0   
Very heavy
Sponge Hardness 10.0   
Gears 1.0   
Few gears
Throw Angle 0.0   
Consistency 0.0
Durability 4.0   
Average durability
Overall 1.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 105 / 127
Spin 120 / 127
Control 105 / 127
Tensor Yes
Anti No
Bomb Violent(42-45°) Pips-In Table Tennis Ping Pong Rubber with Sponge

I. Best Solution to the difficulty of the interaction between speed and control
The interaction between speed and control is a never-solved problem to the ordinary rubber--great speed but bad control; or better control but low speed. BOMB Tension Rubber Series--BOMB Violent Tension(Inner High Energy Explosion Type) achieves the ideal interaction--top speed+best control.

II. Totally independent from speed glue
The inner high energy of BOMB Violent Tension makes the rubber keep a continuous explosive effect produced by TENSION, achieving the total independence from the speed glue and saving the regular trouble of using glue. It is proved that: without speed glue, BOMB Violent Tension alone can achieve the same superior effect as the ordinary rubber used with speed glue. However when used together with the speed glue, the effect from BOMB Violent Tension(Inner High Energy Explosion Type) is unimaginably amazing.
Speed: 105
Spin: 120
Control: 105
Elasticity: ++
Inner power: +++
Anti aging: ++
Hardness: 42-45
Thickness: Max

Speed: 105
Spin: 120
Control: 105
Hardness: 42-45°
Bouncing Trajectory: Mid-Long
Elasticity: ++
Tension Degree: ++
Type: tension pips-in
Play Type: Spin Drive

- Bomb Violent Tension Rubber (Common Type)
- If you require a rubber with a certain hardness, please check with us before ordering as for most Chinese brands, different batches of rubbers may come in different hardnesses.

Reviews (2)

keychiang  on 8/6/2015

This is by far the worst rubber I ever tried. I will recommend to no one, even when one gets tons of money on his/her hand..... Money wasted. Each bounce from the same spot directs to a different direction. A very difficult to control rubber ( I tried two...)
kras  on 1/11/2014

Don't expect it to perform like a tensor. It's like any other cheap Chinese rubber: totally lacking catapult, hard and heavy.

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