Butterfly Dignics 05

Butterfly Dignics 05 Rubber
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User Ratings (34)

Speed 9.0
Spin 9.3
Control 8.8
Tackiness 1.9   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Gears 8.3   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 6.3   
Medium high
Consistency 8.1
Durability 8.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 135
Spin 120
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 30 users using the Butterfly Dignics 05.
Speed: 135
Spin: 120
Hardness: 40
Made in Japan

Reviews (21)

blannyrei  3 months ago

Me: USATT 2130 classically attacking player. D05 2.1 FH/BH This rubber needs to be boosted. Without boost it feels dead. Pros: - Extremely spinny, the underspin opening is >>> t05. I would say it's at h3 level. My shots are low and spinny on opening which cause a lot of difficulties to my opponent. The ease of use is also better than h3. - After boosting the feed back on looping feels great. There's this k-cha-poop sound and the ball will fly like rocket with control, curve, and speed. For a top spin rubber, it feels like a brand new t05 (will get to this later) - The durability and longevity is INSANE. For t05 after the first week or 2, the top sheet will lose a little of grip and the performance will drop a little. That's why all pros change their t05 after 2 weeks. D05 however, plays like new and i'm 4 months in. I clock in 10hrs / week multi balling hard core practice. My falco tempo long also permanently boosted my dignics as well, the boosting effect did not fade. So I guess as long as the sponge is soften by boosting, D05 is good. Unlike h3 where you got good durability, you need to boost it every 2 weeks. D05 have best of both world, insane durability and a 1 time boost done deal kind of rubber. cons: - The short game of this rubber is horrid. Spring sponge X activation take too little effort, as many of the reviewers mentioned. I"m at 2150 level (i improve a lot since i got that rating Nov 2019 btw), pushing short with d05 is a nono. You either flick/bannana or push long. You push short you get punish by players that knows how to flick. Period. - The serves are spinny. However it's difficult to keep the serve low like h3/t05. - smashing is terrible. For some reason d05 grips the ball even during smashing so the trajectory is unpredictable. Conclusion: Insane durability, great top spin rubber, great opening rubber, good flicking/banana flick rubber, terrible pushing rubber, terrible smashing rubber
tomigaya  7 months ago

Blade : Cornilleau Hinotec OFF+ Carbon (Hinoki-carbon) 82g - D05 1.9mm black + D05 1.9mm red - Total 174g - D05 1.9mm is not very fast, not very spinny, does not have the best control. But the overall is well balanced. Can play any style. BH is fast and very spinny. On FH, spin/speed are not the very best, but flat smash is a dream and effortless, especially on heavy spin incoming ball ! Easy to play at 2-3 meter away. Good grip for chikita and short pushes. I think it is a good rubber for BH. The durability is better than T05. Throw angle is lower than T05. Not so heavy for a quite hard rubber.
Lololololol  on 8/1/2019

New crazy rubber from Butterfly,The Dignics 05, released on 1st April,I bought it on the sixth of July, I am using 2.1mm red on my backhand, at first backhand topspin,it really grips the ball and creates a low to medium trajectory, the ball comes at supreme speed and marvelous spin
Andrikos96  on 7/24/2019

Indeed different - and slightly better - than Tenergies... It's ability to change gears due to the new top sheet is ridiculous. NOT for begginers: these rubbers are unforgiving; if the timing isn't right, the ball just flies off the table.
MILOSH  4 months ago

Perfektní potah až na tu cenu.

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