Butterfly Dignics 09C

Butterfly Dignics 09C Rubber
Approx. $ 120 USD
Price $

User Ratings (10)

Speed 8.5
Spin 9.5
Control 8.7
Tackiness 5.8   
Medium tacky
Weight 7.2   
Sponge Hardness 8.5   
Gears 8.5   
Many gears
Throw Angle 8.2   
Consistency 10.0
Durability 7.2   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 130
Spin 130
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Butterfly Dignics 09C.
The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity; the uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact.

This is even more true with the newest addition to Butterfly's Dignics line, Dignics 09C. Compatible friction and a high level bounce is realised thanks to the synergy effect between the original top sheet and a rather hard Spring Sponge X (a little harder than Tenergy 05 Hard), to bring out the features of a friction rubber while upgrading the High Tension effect. The pimples code No. 209 delivers topspin and defensive play with high amount of spin as well as ease of over-the-table techniques and counter topspin. Dignics 09C, with the upgraded friction High Tension features, guides a player who expects the unique feeling of a friction rubber to new heights. Dignics 09C, Overpowering Evolution.

Reviews (7)

danieloooo  5 days ago

Hi table tennis lovers, like to give you an idea how I play. FH and BH looping,close to the table. Former squad player and I player the german championship in my youth. then 12 years of break. i am back since two years. training 3-4 times a week. I would say my technique is good and my arm swing is fast enough to handle that rubber, I thought....to be honest, if you are not timo boll or any other pro player i don’t think you’ll having advantages with this rubber. Of course it’s super spinny and controllable especially over the table but the biggest con is its heaviness. Wooow! I was playing with it for two weeks and the weight effected my bh very badly cos the weight of the blade goes into the head. I tried it on viscaria and infinity, enjoyed it more on the visc. but still as I said it’s not for beginners or even amateurs. And then butterfly is asking 80€, are you serious guys. My advice: Get a cheaper rubber and a training session with a proper coach, on the long run you will have more out of that. For me, i am happy i tried it and nothing more,... back to my old set up. it’s better to land 10 out of 10 on the table instead of 4 direct winners... don’t get distracted by the pros „it’s the best, bla bla“ - they get money for it, maybe it’s the best for them. ask yourself , do you play as good as boll? cheers guys !
SzT  2 months ago

Use 2,1 mm black on FH with Yasaka Ma Lin carbon ch. pen. Compared with unboosted DHS H3 Neo provincial blue spong 40 degree (from TT11): H3 is better for me in overall - better spin in serves, better control and spin in short game, equal or slightly more spin when you loop. Drive and weak hit are faster with dignics 09c but if you hit hard, H3 will provide more speed. So not many gears in 09c. Block is easier with H3 (traditional penhold backhand block). D09c has a very high throw angle, for me it is too high, it takes a lot of time to adjust your technic. For me, flat hit is very difficult with D09c, however counterloop is very good and easy. Of course, i know nothing about D09c durability, but I use D80 on the BH side and H3 has much better durability compared to D80. To sum up: I prefer tacky chinese rubber on Fh side. Maybe it's because of my playing style or I don't know, but I don't feel any special in D09c. And another thing: after 7 months of use, i put my racket on the ball and I can still lift it from the table with H3. With 09c, you can't do it even if it's new. So it has a little tackiness but in my opinion, it's not a real "hybrid" rubber with tacky surface.
Mucr21  3 days ago

Using it on Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon. I think with these new hybrid rubbers the question is whether the manufacturer can get the good out of both worlds, or they get stuck with the bad from them. I think Butterfly managed to do a good job. Been using it for a month now and my game is improving rapidly. Price is insane im not arguing. When i run out of money imma go for a Yasaka Rakza Z, its said to be kinda the same and i already love Yasaka products (price is approximately half of Dignics). As for features i'd say these: serve is good (not insanely good), serve return is quite easy, short game is good (not special), looping and smashing can be good if u put the effort (found it good for chopping as well, i wonder if defenders will change from T05 or not). This rubber shines when u use big moves and hit the ball really strong and fast (as opposed to Tenergy, where u get high amount of spin even with smaller moves). I think i would not recommend this rubber to anyone. Tenergy is better in many aspects and is even cheaper. Those who play with chinese rubbers probably wont like this either. If u r into these hybrid rubbers u can find some for less money as well. I think D09C is going to be a one-try for many players, its good if u already have it, but not gonna purchase another one.
grodniad  3 weeks ago

Got one second hand, nearly new from my coach and i'm loving it. It replaced the T05 on my forehand and the arc is clearly higher on D09C, however you really need to do a bit of extra effort to your stroke for that extra topspin. I feel that the serves land a bit shorter on the table with it and i also get a bit of more control out of it. I will admit, it's expensive, but you should like it once you give it a go
liketabletennis  4 days ago

Rubber is a little bit tacky, easy to block and do drop-shots. Very good spinny rubber. I have this at forehand in both Timo Boll ALC and Zhang Jike ALC blades. The rubber behaves a bit differently on these. ZJ Alc is more direct and TB Alc is a bit safer to hit the ball. I like this rubber a lot, but bare in mind that I have only 5 hours practice so far.. Update. 2 months practice now. Price is really high, even unbearable. Serves are very spinny, Currently Zhang Jike in use, TB arc is way too high.

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