Der Materialspezialist NIGHTMARE

Der Materialspezialist NIGHTMARE Rubber
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Manufacturer Details
Speed 50 / 100
Spin 90 / 100
Control 100 / 100
Tensor No
Anti Yes
Der Materialspezialist has set a new standard for playing with ANTI. NIGHTMARE is a new ITTF certified ANTI TOP rubber which combined following characteristics:

- extrem spin reversal
- excellent disruptive effect
- perfect control
- good attacking options

The new super slow absorbtion sponge slows down the tempo and keeps the ball low in the game. NIGHTMARE ANTI the new weapon for blocking close to the table with excellent disruptive effect and extrem spin reversal.

NIGHTMARE is ITTF approved from juni 2011 and available in red and black, with 1,2mm and1,5mm absorbtion sponge.
The best spin reversal and disruptive effect you are getting with the 1,2mm version.The 1,5mm version added perfect attacking options.
Instruction for assembly: For montage of the NIGHTMARE ANTI please use the glue sheet inside. Please do not glue the sponge!

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