DHS G555

DHS G555 Rubber
Approx. $ 20 USD
Price $

User Ratings (17)

Speed 7.0
Spin 8.7
Control 8.0
Tackiness 7.7   
Weight 6.2   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Gears 4.3   
Throw Angle 4.0   
Consistency 5.6
Durability 8.2   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 11
Spin 8.0
Control 10
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 5 users using the DHS G555.

Reviews (7)

lexddefender  on 12/30/2015

really good in service return..
Anonymous  on 10/10/2010

only good if u have a super fast blade. lot of spin but no speed. alright for blocking, but would be better w/higher throw. best for pushing
Brian  on 3/27/2010

A great rubber for its price! Extremely tacky, even more than that of the Hurricane series. It's great for returning serves. Looping is a Average-Above Average. As another reviewer said, it doesn't do great in the long game, so only play short games with it. Pushes amazingly well and is great for backhand. I'm using it with the DHS CW-C.
Anonymous  on 9/12/2009

this rubber is good for players learning strokes. its good for bh block chop push and counter, but really nothing else. somewhat defensive. really really slow. still, it lasts pretty long for a chinese rubber.
gekogark1212  on 8/26/2009

A classic! Feels even harder than a sheet of 729FX. The G555 is very very spinny and plays an excellent serve and attack game. Requires technical know-how of how to use Chinese rubbers, you've got to hit/loop with the right ratio and the right amount of wrist action. The short game of this rubber is simply amazing. Dare I say, I have a 90% flickking accuracy with this. And short spinny pushes are almost unattackable. A big disadvantage of the rubber is its lack of long distance ability. I've got quite a giant loop, but even I couldn't get it to work from 3-5 metres back. Even if you get the ball on, you would've slapped too much to impact decent spin.

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