DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge)

DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) Rubber
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User Ratings (42)

Speed 9.3
Spin 9.5
Control 9.2
Tackiness 8.3   
Weight 5.9   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 7.9   
Medium hard
Gears 9.7   
Many gears
Throw Angle 5.8   
Medium high
Consistency 9.6
Durability 8.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 16 users using the DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge).
Sponge hardness: 39/40 degrees.

Reviews (10)

takitezy7  on 2/5/2016

I purchased this rubber on eBay last year for $70 from some guy that lives in Massachusetts USA (he claims these are prototypes??? but curiosity got the better of me and I purchased it anyway). The rubber arrived to Sydney Australia very quick due to express postage, which made me doubt the authenticity even more. When it arrived it, it had no cardboard cover just a sheet of plastic over the rubber with a small circular DHS holographic sticker on the bottom right corner. When I looked at the DHS rubber print and compared side by side with the NEOs, the font is much thicker than the NEOs (font and texts on the NEOs are sharper) which further led me to believe that I had without a doubt, purchased a fake. When compared to commercial H3 NEO, TG2 NEO & TG3 NEO, these are my observations: H3N blue sponge is noticably softer, slightly less tacky, and has a tad less speed than all of the above. But it is the most superior out of all because it has a lot more control and its just feels the best out of the bunch (very surprising). The test blades used were: H3 NEO (DHS PG-7), TG2 NEO (Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive), TG3 NEO (DHS Hurricane Hao) and H3N blue sponge (DHS TG7-CP). I have also tested the DHS Hurricane 8 (medium hardness) on my Viscaria blade, but I can confidently say the H3N BS is superior to that too. Really surpassed my expectations, it is the best forehand rubber I have ever used even though it is probably a fake. I am completely surprised and confused at the same time, but it is what it is. Please be advised that it is a much slower rubber when compared to Tenergy or tensor type rubbers (no catapult effect). However the extra spin you can generate on serves and the superior control of FH touch/pushes in the short game compensates for the slower speed. Once the rubber gets old I will boost it with Falco Tempo Long Booster.
Duplik  on 7/23/2013

very nice rubber, tried on a friend bat, is spinny on loop, but good for flats, great close to the table game, not to bouncy, but it´s a killer in mid distance game.
Tyrael  on 5/11/2018

I bought my H3 Nat almost 2 years ago at the Li Sheng sports supermarket, Wangfujing, Beijing for 480 rmb. Highly recommend to visit this place, btw, in case anybody of you guys would come to China. A table tennis shop is located on the third floor there, it's an authorized DHS dealer. 480 rmb is actually more than 70 bucks, so something tells me its price abroad must be 85 bucks at least. More than a year I had been thinking H3 provincial Neo orange sponge is the best version of this rubber. I should say I live in Beijing, play at local clubs and attend classes at the Young Shine/炎上 tt school whose owner is Guo Yan, former two times World Cup, World team championship winner, current Beijing female team's head coach, Ding Ning is actually her player. So my forehand playing is definitely Chinese-like. H3 prov Neo OS is very easy to break in comparing to other versions of the rubber, I used it on a Xiom Vega Tour having hinoki as outer ply, I think most of you knows this wood is actually not a match for Hurricane. At the same time I was playing with a bunch of other H3s on my Xiom Vega Euro: Prov non-neo, Prov Neo Blue sponge, Nittaku nr, Nittaku pro, Nittaku turbo orange. I'd say they are very similar to each other comparing to H3Nat. They are all slow even being tuned (btw, it seems H3Nat responds to tuning better). It's not that bad, btw, as long as you only play with them. But it's very difficult to make yourself to come back to the necessity to work on every stroke if you've already tried H3 Nat. I'd say speed is the only big difference between it and the Provincial. But for many it's the biggest Hurricane's shortcoming
kesher877  on 12/6/2017

Verrry god rubber!!!! One of the best ones, especially, if you you play kind of Chinese game style. I've bought few of these at prott- it's fake or damaged, (I am not sure one or the other, but it plays different than the original one.) but I had some luck to buy one directly from DHS-absolutely different rubber!! MUCH faster, spinier, more consistent!! At the prott they don't even come in a vacuum package lol. I am not sure how they fake the genuine number, but they do. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the worst rubber out there, just not even close to the one from DHS. I have increased my rating 200 points roughly, just on the DHS genuine rubber replacement. Good luck!

It's the spinniest rubber i've ever used and its the best

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