DHS Hurricane 3 (National)

DHS Hurricane 3 (National) Rubber
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User Ratings (18)

Speed 8.1
Spin 9.4
Control 8.6
Tackiness 7.9   
Weight 7.0   
Sponge Hardness 7.8   
Medium hard
Gears 7.9   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 6.4   
Medium high
Consistency 6.8
Durability 7.4   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
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Reviews (8)

crag_hack  on 9/15/2012

in hardess 39 it is very versatile and allows any offensive styles (FH) and also it is great for modern chopper if set on very slow defensive blade - thus allowing both chopping and looping for a skilled player and the only Hurricane III version that allow good flat kills (Provincial is so-so and commercial is bad in it)
Davey1  on 1/21/2012

This is NOT A HIGH SPEED RUBBER.When I first glued this on I was about to ring the guy I bought it off and tell him I wanted my money back. When I tried to volley or tap the ball with it it stuck to the rubber like something out of a magicans handbook. Ok so it takes a while to break in-still it has spin but at the cost of being very heavy and slow-almost dead-im sure it has gears ecetra but it is far far slower than any rubber I have played with in a long time-maybe with speed glue it would have been better.
OrigamiCake  on 10/11/2010

Doesn't last that long. At the beginning it was deadish but after a while it became really good for looping I think but then after a while it deadened again and became hard to control and lose spin etc. It is really good when it's good.
mrz  on 4/10/2010

41 degree hardness. Used normal rubber cement to glue for my pin-hold forehand. Need less to say this is a very hard rubber with high throw. Took a few sessions to get use to it and for the rubber to soften up a little. This thing is FAST! But because it is so hard my hitting became much more consistent. Looping wise you'd have to get use to Chinese style but you get plenty of spin and speed if you do. Short game is also very controllable. Blocking is good also. Only thing is that because it is so hard, the contact time is very short on serves and I can't seem to load up on the spins like a normal softer H3. All in all, this is hands down the best forehand rubber I've ever used. wish it was a little cheaper though.
Kalin  on 1/27/2010

This rubber I bought in China. It costs about $99,00 and I was curious how it played. For the people who played with Hurricane 3 rubbers before, they do know that this rubber needs to be speedglued to have any gears. After I glued the rubber with Haifu solubilty bond and tuner, I started training. This is really a monster. Topspins went so fast and the throw was fairly low. What surprised me was that topspins can easily be played at the table, in second or third position. Spinning in first, second or third position feels like playing with a European rubber but with much more spin and control. Only negative thing about this rubber for me is that it is rather heavy.

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