DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid Hard

DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid Hard Rubber
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User Ratings (23)

Speed 8.5
Spin 8.9
Control 9.2
Tackiness 6.2   
Medium tacky
Weight 4.6   
Sponge Hardness 6.2   
Medium hard
Gears 9.1   
Many gears
Throw Angle 5.5   
Medium high
Consistency 9.1
Durability 7.9   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 6 users using the DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid Hard.
CONTROL + LOOP Sticky Rubber + Soft Elastic Sponge Skyline 3-60: classic sticky rubber + new soft elastic sponge Classic Skyline 3, equipped with a soft and elastic 60 sponge, brings a unique sense of depth with ball contact. Skyline 3-60 is designed with a unique sponge-rubber combination. It absorbs and responds rapidly on ball contact, providing for excellent elasticity and speed. Such dynamic properties make Skyline 3-60 ideal for continuous and high strength loop attacks. Minimal effort is needed. The soft elastic 60 sponge and pliable rubber is perfect for making fast attacks and subtle technical changes with the wrist, to deceive the opponent. Skyline 3-60 generates strong and changeable spin. Supported by soft elastic sponge, the sticky rubber optimises such spin potential. Players using Skyline 3-60 will not be limited to one certain type of loop but have the option of making varied loop techniques. Skyline 3-60 is the optimal combination of classic sticky rubber and elastic sponge. HARDNESS:35~37°

Reviews (13)

pats79  on 11/17/2015

Im using nitakku acoustiv carbon... I already use tenergy 05 , tenergy 25 , donic jp03... but 3-60 is the best.... all my shot just amazing ... even in bad position ... i have full of confidence using this rubber.. its really for polyball... when using my other rubber i have the problem in making my topspin in the table... shot game: very nice block : automatic in right angle.. chop : very nice top spin: spin machine.... all my team mates... different playing style ... now using this rubber... its amazing
superspin  on 2/13/2018

Very good product from dhs. Hybrid rubber which is medium tacky and elastic top sheet, the sponge is porous and medium hardness. Rubber plays like euro jap rubber with the advantage of stickiness. This rubber has good throw medium I say. Very dispointed with the speed even with falco it's way too slow. O.k for developing player's or all round control top spinners. And yes I have tried on off++ blades and still this rubber is a donkey. I give up. H3 neo any day it's better in every way to say the least.
Adietcp  on 10/14/2016

Not as spinny as h3 neo or h8. Have low throw angle, medium soft sponge, very loud sound, tackiness is there but become grippy after some game. Very deadly for blocking and direct hit ( drive very hard ) bcause you can feel the ball sink into the sponge and the topsheet like give you some dwell time. Not good for spin based game play.
Elgar  on 7/19/2016

Used this rubber on my Adidas Strike Carbon blade and it was a good improvement on the Yasaka Rakza 7. On the Rakza 7, I cannot control the ball, it usually goes long when I smash and loop but on this rubber the control is much better. Used this also on DHS PG7 blade (all wood) but the speed got slower and I need to swing more harder.
Hozuki  on 5/3/2018

Control rubber for blockers/hitters occasionally using quick loop. This rubber is not for two winged loopers. It just lacks the high gear and the spin for that. If you are still developing and need more control on BH side than maybe this is for you. BH flick is super easy. Blocks are a breeze. And hits are absolute perfection - precise and super fast. Chops are OK, but not really spinny. If you prefer control over spin, go for it. If you prefer spin, stay away. My red sheet was completely untacky.

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